I’m Back!!

Hello!  I have returned from my blog vacation.  While my week away wasn’t necessarily relaxing and restful in my general day to day life, I do feel this last week off from blogging did me a ton of good.  I found I even missed blogging pretty much within the first couple of days off, so […]



So you all love it when I speak in metaphors and am super duper vague right?  Oh good, cause I’m going to do that again today.  If you were following me on the old blog, I wrote a post earlier this summer about a hypothetical bridge I was hoping to cross and then finding out later that […]

Oliver Parenthood

Picky, Picky

So just when it appears we have this parenting thing figured out, something happens that throws us for a little bit of a loop.  And from what I understand, that’s pretty much to be expected with this parenting gig for the rest of our lives, we’ll never get it completely figured out.  This latest snag […]


Checking in on Summer

So I hate to break it to you, but it’s August.  In fact, August is almost already half over.  I know, I know. Why am I being so glass half empty, Debbie Downer like? I don’t know why, it just feels like summer is already winding down in some ways.  The good news is that […]