An Adventure

I’ve been alluding to and talking rather vaguely in several posts now about our family moving in the next year or so. Until things were more official I didn’t want to get too specific here, but things are moving forward and happening so I can finally give a little more background to what’s going on. […]


Word of the Year 2021

I’ve mentioned that my word for 2020 was joy. And when the pandemic hit just three months into the year I thought, dang it, this year is going to be a bust. As I’ve been reflecting on the year over the last month or so though, I’ve realized that it was far from a bust. […]


The Friday Five

I’m making my own rules with my return to blogging. I’m not linking up for anyone else’s Happy Friday lists. I am simply going to challenge myself to something I’m calling The Friday Five. I will list five good things from the previous week. Just five. That’s it. Simple right? I still like the idea […]


Dear Santa, Aka Nate

This post is pretty much for my husband. He asked me if I would be posting my wishlist as I usually do for birthday and Christmas, so I decided, heck why not. We all need something fun right now, yeah? And maybe you’ll get some ideas for yourself! A book on hand lettering. Nate’s been […]


At long last

I have started and stopped and started and stopped many a post over the last week here. It’s been one hell of a roller coaster waiting for the results of the election. I just couldn’t put my thoughts into words worth typing. I survived the tense days by texting with friends and sending back and […]