Dear Santa, Aka Nate

This post is pretty much for my husband. He asked me if I would be posting my wishlist as I usually do for birthday and Christmas, so I decided, heck why not. We all need something fun right now, yeah? And maybe you’ll get some ideas for yourself! A book on hand lettering. Nate’s been […]


At long last

I have started and stopped and started and stopped many a post over the last week here. It’s been one hell of a roller coaster waiting for the results of the election. I just couldn’t put my thoughts into words worth typing. I survived the tense days by texting with friends and sending back and […]

Beth Nate Oliver


I’m fresh off a four day weekend. Ollie had a school break, Nate had taken the whole week off to kind of relax after his sister’s wedding, so I took the days that Ollie was off of school so we could have a little respite as a family. We made no plans, just let the […]


Weekend Wrap Up

Remember the days where if I had nothing better to write about I’d simply recap my weekend? Well guess what, I’m going to do that today! I also used to joke, if you had a good weekend and you don’t write about it, did it really happen? We had a great weekend! I would even […]


I’m Baaaaack

Guess who’s back? Back again? Beth is back. Tell a friend. Now that we’re all singing Eminem like it’s 2003, let me just say HEY! How are you? I have missed this space. Life is still absolutely fucked up and totally upside down right now, but I’m still here. And I’ve been missing writing and […]