Beth is a Minnesota working mom who has been married to her high school sweetheart Nate for 15 years. Together Beth and Nate are raising a very active eight year old boy named Oliver (Ollie). Beth, Nate and Ollie also have a tuxedo cat at home named Taylor.

Beth works full time for a Minneapolis suburb as the administrative assistant to the Engineering division. Beth’s friends tease that she is the “Leslie Knope” of roads, as Parks and Recreation is one of her favorite shows and she has stated that the character Leslie Knope is her hero. Beth is also a member the parent/teacher organization at her son’s school where she serves as secretary.

In her free time Beth enjoys thrift shopping (the only sport she says she is good at), playing disc golf with Nate and Ollie, adventuring in the Twin Cities and eating good food. Beth also finds coloring to be an extremely relaxing activity. Beth describes her personality as being “sassy, classy and colorful with a dose of sarcasm.” Beth not so secretly wishes to be a Unicorn. She has recently learned to play ukulele and enjoys strumming and playing favorite songs.

Coffee Until Cocktails is the place Beth comes to share her daily life. As a busy working mom, coffee keeps Beth going by day and cocktails help her relax some nights. Beth’s favorite coffee is any blend from her Nespresso machine or a Pike Place from Starbucks and her favorite libations include craft beer, just about any type of wine, and her husband’s homemade margaritas.

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  1. OK, so the feeling is #totallymutual!

    PS. Isla is three next week. My husband is also an IT nerd, and apart from the good cook thing he and Nate could be twins or at least related.

    Hi. *coffee-toast*


    1. LOVE it. I can’t believe the similarities! Isla is a doll by the way. And #ITnerdwivesunite. I’d send you some of his awesome food if I could! *coffee-toast returned along with a beer one too* Cheers! <3

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