There’s something to be said…

…About low key holidays. If there is one thing Covid has really helped with, it’s that it has led to us scaling back our holiday celebrations a little bit. Yesterday was Easter and it was unbelieveably chill and I’m not even a little bit sad about it. Society, and by that I mean places like Target, Hallmark, other stores, television and social media, has put this presidence that holidays are to be over the top huge celebrations. Advertising for said holidays start months before the actual holiday takes place and it’s getting worse every year. One holiday finishes and it’s all about the next one. And if you happen to be a parent? Holy moly rocky. It can be all consuming.

But, since Covid happened and also since I figured out my son really requires very little to actually make his holidays special, I have allowed us to scale back a bit and it’s really been great. For example, no one in our house really eats the hard boiled eggs we would dye each year. Nate likes them, but when you’re the only one eating them it gets old fast. So, I asked Oliver this year if he really wanted to dye eggs and he said he was ok skipping it. Instead I bought plastic eggs and we pretty much filled them with coins and a couple of dollar bills (he’s not a candy kid) and he was in seventh heaven. He still had fun looking for them and didn’t really miss the egg dye experience that much at all. Win win for everyone. 

We had a nice light lunch with my parents yesterday. My mom had asked a couple of weeks ago if we’d be disappointed if she didn’t make a ham. She’s not a huge fan of ham and quite frankly, unless it’s deli meat, neither am I. She had a fantastic idea to instead get a meat and cheese tray from a local sandwich shop we enjoy, pick up some bakery buns and just make little sandwiches and enjoy a few other snacks. It was perfect. Again, simplicity is sometimes best. 

I’m not saying holidays shouldn’t be celebrated and enjoyed. I am just finding it’s not worth the stress and headaches of going over the top anymore. So, as a result, we had a relaxing, chill and quite lovely Easter Sunday. I honestly didn’t even mind that the weather was less than stellar. It was pretty much the perfect day. 

Now you better hurry up and start preparing for 4th of July. Or you can chillax with me over here. It’s pretty lovely, just saying.

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