Phew…Things Are Happening

Earlier this year I shared about how we would be buying my in-laws house when they move after their construction project is completed at my sister-in-law’s house. It looked like things would happen super fast at first. Then things slowed down when construction costs soared and builders were unavailable. So, while they would have liked the project to have started this past summer, it just wasn’t possible. We were disappointed but of course we understood. We kind of threw ourselves into other aspects of life, with the idea that the move would happen someday but it was kind of on the backburner. 

Well. Let me tell you. Things are happening now. They finally found a builder they like who was available and have officially broken ground today. This is still going to be a months long project, but timeline is suggesting it could be ready by March or April. Once upon a time that sounded so far away to me but all of a sudden I’m like, that’s really only six months away. It’s going to go by super fast, especially when you consider part of that time is the busiest time of the year with birthdays and the holidays. 

SOOOOO we’re back in project mode at our own house so we can be ready to list the house as soon as we can this coming spring. Thanks to help from my amazing dad, we were able to repair instead of replace some windows. Nate has fixed some faucet and draining issues we have had. An unexpected thing we will be fixing ASAP is our washing machine. Our current one has decided now is the perfect time to crap out on us. Because of course. Seeing as we’ve saved some money on some of the other projects, it could be worse. Next up will be replacing some ceiling tiles in our basement office. Beyond that it’s packing, sorting and cleaning up our shit. 

HOW DO THREE PEOPLE HAVE SO MUCH STUFF???? I look around my house and I just go, why? How? Our new space will be much bigger, with more storage, but we have got to get rid of some things before we go. 

It’s going to be a very interesting winter. Instead of gifts for birthdays and Christmas I’m tempted to ask for a cleaning service, ha! Stay tuned, I may have to write here more often again to keep me sane! 

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