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This is 7 (and a half)

I thought I’d kick off my return to blogging with a fun post – all about Oliver. I still cannot believe my baby is more than halfway to eight years old and starting 2nd grade in a few short weeks, but I just love the journey and my heart just bursts with love as much as it did the day he was born.

He is dang smart. I really don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but seriously, this kid. Reading at a third grade level and doing math at a second grade level. High marks on his year end report card. I’ll share my thoughts about distance learning in a separate post, but honestly we were not the norm in that situation. While most kids struggled, he absolutely thrived.

He is hilarious. I wish I was smart enough to still write down the funny things he says. He is also an old soul, his language is not like any other seven year old I’ve ever met. I’m sure a huge part of that is the fact he is pretty much only around adults, but it really is an endearing quality about him. He’s still quite the charmer, pretty much anyone who comes in contact with him is instantly smitten.

He is a hero and rockstar. He broke his arm in February, a freak in home accident, and he handled the entire thing so amazingly well. He even had to have minor surgery to set the bone and took it all in stride. He didn’t let his cast slow him down, it just became a small part of daily life for a few weeks. I was so proud of him. As of today, the only sign anything was ever amiss is the small scar from where they had to make an incision to set his bone.

He is resilient. He’s honestly adapted pretty well to pandemic life. He wears his mask without complaining when we go places and he honestly doesn’t mind mostly hanging out at home. Truth be told, if given the choice, that is what he’d rather be doing anyway, spending time with Nate and I or his grandparents instead of going to a friend’s house and quite frankly, I really do not mind that. I am sure a day will come where that will change, so we’ll soak it up while it lasts.

He is anxious. He comes from a long line of worriers. While he has handled the pandemic well for the most part, I know he is nervous to go back to school. While he handled his broken arm well, I know he worries about getting hurt again. He fears the unknown and doesn’t like sudden surprises or changes. Because we’ve started to recognize that in him, we know how to deal with it. We make sure he knows if something out of the ordinary is going to happen, like trying a new food for dinner or that we’re going to encourage him to practice on his bike, a bit ahead of time so he has time for his brain to process it. We’ve been talking about school and how we’re going to take as many steps as we can to make sure he’s safe from Covid. And extra hugs go a long way too.

Overall though, he is just a great kid. He’s polite and helpful. My aunt has brought her younger grandson over a few times to play this summer and he’s been a very patient and kind big cousin. He’s fun to talk to and have conversations with. He wants to be part of things and asks great questions. He’s become quite knowlegeable on all things Pokemon and could talk your ear off about it. He loves his video games but he’s also quite the Yahtzee shark. He loved fishing on our recent trip to Itasca.

He makes me happy every single day and so proud to be his mom. The coolest 7 (and a half, halves are important you know!) year old I know.

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  1. He seems like such a fun, kind, wonderful kiddo. I’m so glad you get to be his mom. 🙂 Also? I’d just like to advocate for writing down the funny things he says! You’ll cherish those reminders of who he is right now when he is older. My parents did this and still love looking back at the things we said decades ago, now.

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