An Adventure

I’ve been alluding to and talking rather vaguely in several posts now about our family moving in the next year or so. Until things were more official I didn’t want to get too specific here, but things are moving forward and happening so I can finally give a little more background to what’s going on. It’s a bit of Musical Houses or maybe If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, I’m not sure which fits more.

Late last summer my sister in law and brother in law decided they’d like to sell their house in the City and find a home on property large enough for them to have a tiny little farm and be away from the hustle and bustle a bit more. Their ultimate goal was to find land large enough to build a home for my in-laws as well, partly to be able to help them out as they get older, but also because they’ve also been interested in living away from the City somewhere. At first it was a five to ten year plan, but as they started looking at properties, they decided they didn’t want to wait.

One night we were all over at my in-laws house and talking about the potential for them to move and we were sitting out on their deck and I kind of looked around at their house and yard and thought, if they move, we should buy their house. It’s bigger than our current house and in much nicer condition. It’s only a few blocks away from where we currently live. It would be ideal for us. We’d have space to host people overnight, we’d still be close to our jobs and school (plus were too much city dwellers, no family farm for us), still close to my family. I mentioned to Nate when we drove home that night that hey, what if we bought your parents house when they move? He thought it was a great idea and mentioned it to his mom and dad that we’d be interested when the time came.

They continued their search and found some properties they loved, but it is a sellers market right now and many of them sold quickly, some from right under their feet, they were literally in the kitchen at one house starting to talk about the offer they wanted to put in when their realtor got the call that the house had sold. The wedding was getting closer so they put their search on hold.

After the wedding they found another place they absolutely loved and were all set to put an offer in, but then realized there were a few issues that couldn’t be worked out. My mother in law’s back surgery was coming up quickly so again, they decided to put the search on hold. We were necessarily in a hurry, yes it would be nice to move, but we figured, it just gave us more time fix up things at home, things that should be taken care of whether we move or not. Then around Thanksgiving their perfect home showed up. They put in an offer and it was accepted. Suddenly everything is back in motion.

This particular house has an unfinished basement that my in-laws will renovate into an apartment for themselves. Their hope is to have that done and be moving by this summer. Which means….we will be moving sometime this year too! Could be as soon as late spring, could be as late as early Fall, but it is happening. I’m so happy for my in-laws, but I’m extra happy for us. We’re going to have so much more room. In our current house we’ve never been able to park in the garage because it is tiny and full of yard stuff. At our “new” house we’ll have a three car garage and a shed. We’ll be able to park in the garage! I will also be able to have a room for my art and craft stuff! Our kitchen will be bigger! I will have a bigger walk-in closet!! The place my in-laws are moving to is beautiful and just about an hour away, so we’ll have a lovely place to go visit them, especially in the summer. It’s a win for everyone, really.

So, guess what we’ll be spending the winter doing? Fixing what needs fixing and getting our house market ready! We’ve let ourselves get a little lazy on some of what needs to get done, but now we have motivation. Nate and my dad have already tackled a leaking faucet in our bathtub and slow drain problem we were having. I will be taking charge of purging things we don’t need and making runs to the Goodwill.

It’s going to be an interesting year and quite crazy to me to think that this next Christmas I’ll be sitting by their fireplace and it will be my fireplace. As I’m packing away my Christmas stuff I’m already starting to visualize where it will go next year. It’s a little bittersweet too though. While it is more than time for us to move on from our current house as we were truly outgrowing it, I will still miss it, warts and all. It was our first home and it has always held a lot of love. I will also always be very prideful that we were able to start our lives together in a house and not an apartment. There is absolutely nothing wrong with apartment life, but we worked hard to make this house a reality and I’ll forever be proud of it. I’m proud we even refinanced it once. Anyway, while I’m ready to move on, I know I will have some feels about living it behind and you know what, that’s ok.

Whew! It’s all happening! Like I said, it’s going to be an adventure this year but (word of the year alert!) I’m ready to rise up and meet it! Let’s do this!

5 thoughts on “An Adventure

  1. I remember you mentioning a possible change regarding living arrangements on your blog last year. So happy for you!
    You must be so excited – more space (and a lovely walk in closet!) All the best with your new adventure – looks like 2021 is going to be an exciting year for you guys.

  2. Oh, that is so exciting. I am itching to move (although we have no plans at this point), so I’ll live vicariously through your updates 🙂

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