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I’ve mentioned that my word for 2020 was joy. And when the pandemic hit just three months into the year I thought, dang it, this year is going to be a bust. As I’ve been reflecting on the year over the last month or so though, I’ve realized that it was far from a bust. My initial plan was to find the things that bring me joy and toss everything else aside. I did manage to do that. It’s one of few things I can thank the pandemic for. This year of slowing down and staying close to home has shown me what matters most to me. I discovered the things that bring me joy are actually quite simple. Family, friends, food, ha! Also, freedom. What I mean by that is the freedom of having an empty calendar. Not rushing around and being tied to a schedule of things has been super freeing and brought me so much peace.

I did Marie Kondo a few things that don’t bring me joy this year. I pushed aside the drama of others that would ultimately just bring me down because Mama just does not have time for that kind of stuff. I went through a social media cleanse and let go of people that brought me to a less than great place. Life is too short and I just don’t have patience for it anymore. I would prefer to connect with those that fill my cup. I’m not going to apologize for that.

I put myself first and I have been falling in love with myself again. That gives me immense joy as well. So overall, I think I did live out my word of the year, even if at times I didn’t see it in a give moment. I did live my life with joy.

What’s up for 2021? I have been thinking and reflecting and contemplating and consulting friends and debating and I think I have finally found my vision. One of the books that I read this year was Untamed by Glennon Doyle. It has seriously stuck with me. She talks about how we need to stop hiding our true selves for fear of what the world will think. To quote Glennon: “I understand myself differently now, I was just a caged girl made for wide-open skies. I wasn’t crazy. I was a goddamn cheetah.”

What does that mean? To me it means being fierce, loud, wild and running free as my true self. I am a cheetah. I will roar. And most of all, I will RISE UP. 2020 was hard, it was ugly, it was sad, it broke me in so many ways, but I am ready to rise up from the ashes and into a flame in the sky.


My word this year is RISE. I am ready to rise and face this new year with the power of a cheetah. I will rise to the challenges that we may face with preparing to sell our house and move. I will rise to the challenges of Ollie returning to school in person when/if that happens. I will rise and fight for the things I believe in as this country continues to break in pieces. I will rise and be the best version of myself.


I learned a lot about myself in 2020. It’s time to take those lessons and rise up. Rise and not look back down. The light is coming and I’m going to rise to meet it. I’m stronger and braver that I was at the beginning of 2020. I can meet any challenge after this year. So let’s do this. Rise up 2021. I’m ready.


6 thoughts on “Word of the Year 2021

  1. I didn’t choose a word for 2020, but it sounds like you really did get a lot out of yours this past year so that’s awesome. I LOVE your word for 2021 and all the quotes you shared here are so perfect. I might have to think about a word for 2021…


  2. Your 2021 word is on fire! I know you will do it proud! Rise is such a great one!
    I didn’t have a word for 2020, but picked Adventure for 2021.

  3. I love that you were able to embrace your word last year, even though it was such a hard year in many ways.
    And “rise” is the perfect word for 2021. It can only go up from here!

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful, joyous year despite all the external challenges. And I love your choice of “Rise” for this year. I loved Untamed, too, and really want to go back and look at my highlights and notes. It seemed to be the kind of book that either really resonated with people… or not. Here’s to 2021, and your continued Rise. (BTW, love that you are back here writing more regularly…)

  5. Even though 2020 was one hectic year, you did a great job of living out your word.
    I think your 2021 word is great. I changed my mind so many times when I chose mine for 2021 (eventually went with simple).

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