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Twas the Monday After Christmas…

…And mom is at work. And not just any work, but Public Works work. That means my days are starting SUPER early this week, yay. But the good news is that it’s a short week thanks to New Year’s Day. And this will likely be my last early morning stint for awhile.

Our Christmas was pretty good. Very quiet, but good. We had finally gotten some snow, so Nate spent some time on Christmas Eve plowing us out. We Zoomed with Nate’s parents, sister and brother in law. We cuddled up with a movie after Ollie went to bed and then played Santa before we went to bed ourselves.

Christmas Day we slept in and then enjoyed some coffee and opened our gifts to each other. Nate spoiled me with some pretties from Modern Millie Vintage and he found the coolest stocking stuffer for me – A Little Box of Feminist Flair. It’s pretty cute. Ollie made out like a bandit, lots of new books to read, some new Legos and a couple of new video games too. We headed to my parents and had a little brunch with them and opened some more gifts and then headed back home and enjoyed a nice quiet afternoon just the three of us.

The rest of the weekend found us in a couple of Secret Santa Zoom meetups, getting good take out food, watching a few more movies and just enjoying some time together. It wasn’t our traditional Christmas with a lot of hustle and bustle and running around – but in a way I kind of preferred it. Yes I missed our extended families and people we were unable to see. I missed being able to sing at church and have Ollie be part of the Christmas pageant. But there was something to be said to be snuggled up at home just the three of us too. I think that is going to be something I’m going to carry with me in the future and will be something I will look at when we get to the holiday season – how much do we really want to pile on? Just one of the many lessons this crazy year is giving me I guess!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well. More thoughts on 2020 and wrapping up the year coming up this week so stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Twas the Monday After Christmas…

  1. Ooh an early start right after Christmas is hard, but that’s good that it makes the day end sooner! That sounds like a good, relaxing Christmas! I miss some of the usual holiday events too, but I agree that simplifying hasn’t been all bad this year!

  2. All things considered, it sounds like you had a really nice Christmas! Mine was pretty good too. I’m ready for a new year though and just trying to get back on track with being healthy, etc.


  3. I just love how family-centered you are, and how much you clearly enjoy spending time with your people. Your Christmas sounds perfect for you in the year of COVID, although I hope you are able to get back to some of your traditional activities next year.

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