Coffee Chat – Christmas Edition

Grab yourself a cup of Christmas cheer and let’s have a coffee chat! If you want to make yours Irish, go right ahead! It’s 2020 and it’s Covid, anything goes! How are you doing? I’m not too bad at this moment. I am conquering my Christmas to do list and the biggest news of all is we are about to get a giant snowstorm. It’s a Christmas miracle! I say bring it on! We are obviously not going anywhere, so why not dump a foot of snow on us! We need to get my child outside and playing in the snow. We’re overdue for this. I’m sure I’ll be eating my words in a couple of months but not having snow has just not felt right!

We’ve been having a nice low key holiday season this year and while at first it made me kind of sad I have to say I’m actually enjoying it. The lack of stress from running here, there and everywhere is definitely appreciated. We introduced Ollie to Home Alone over the weekend and the fact that he enjoyed it pretty much made my entire Christmas.

My mom and I made our usual Christmas cookies and then we played Santa’s Elves and delivered a tray to a couple of close family friends and also to their neighbor. He texted my dad the nicest message after receiving the tray and that just made us feel so warm and fuzzy. We’ve decided this is going to be our new tradition. We’re going to pick someone each year to surprise with a tray of goodies.

My Christmas card wall is filling up nicely at home and some other fun surprises have come in the mail as well and it honestly just makes me smile. I have some good people in my life.

So overall this Christmas season hasn’t been all that bad. And hey, it definitely beats last year when we were all down with influenza! I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas season and I look forward to resuming monthly coffee chats in 2021. Stay safe and healthy!

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  1. Snow puts us in a holiday mood. I saw your tweets about an approaching storm and was happy at your pleased reaction. We got snow here in NY a few days ago and it brightened everyone’s spirits. Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

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