Pockets of Joy

In a year where SO MUCH was taken away from us it is so easy to focus on all the things we didn’t get to do and all the things Covid messed up for us. My word of the year was “joy” and uffda. That was a fun one to try to live up to. But, even in the darkest days there is still joy. Comedian Bill Engvall has been giving little Sunday Talks on his Facebook page as he is a religious person. They’re not overall preachy, but a little nice reflection. One thing he said recently is that we need to look at life like a giant bowl of ice cream and enjoy the little spoonfuls we get. Take something like Biden winning the election. That’s a spoonful to enjoy. The giant bowl of ice cream is his Inauguration Day, but for now we can enjoy that little spoonful that he won.  I’m approaching 2021 with this in mind. Enjoy the little spoonfuls or “pockets of joy”. And looking back at 2020, instead of focusing on all that we couldn’t do, I’m trying to instead remember the pockets of joy we had here and there.

We couldn’t go to the State Fair this year, but we got to enjoy a day off of work and do the drive through State Fair Food Parade so we still got our mini donut and cheese curd fix.

We weren’t able to go on a vacation, but we were able to spend a fun day at my cousin’s house on a lake about an a hour and a half north of us.

We weren’t able to spend as much time at museums and places we enjoy like that, but we were able to do a fair amount of disc golfing.

We weren’t able to go on as many fun dates out but we were able to support our favorite restaurants by frequently getting take out and we had a nice old fashioned picnic in the park once this summer too.

Ollie wasn’t able to be physically in the classroom, but he is thriving in distance learning and has tested at a third grade reading level and a second grade math level.

We were still able to celebrate my sister-in-law’s wedding on what had to be one of the absolute nicest days of the Fall season.

We discovered we saved a bunch of money this year because we weren’t out doing as much. That’s not so bad honestly.

We have amazing technology that allows us to stay in touch with our family and friends. If this thing had happened even ten years ago we might not have been so lucky.

We focused on hobbies we can do at home. Nate built himself a guitar. We successfully got our bees through their first summer and even got one jar of honey out of them. I learned the ukulele. We learned to play chess. Nate rediscovered a love of watercolor painting and got me interested in it as well. I read a lot of books. I finished almost two embroidery projects. Ollie has become quite the video gamer. We started a Saturday family movie night tradition.

And did I mention Biden won the election???

So, yes, there is a lot that this year took away from us but when you look at the big picture, there is a lot we still did and enjoyed. We even had some fun. That’s joy in my eyes. I’ll have more thoughts on my word of the year later when I talk about my word for next year, but for now I just had to share these pockets of joy from our year. I hope you are able to find some pockets of joy as well. Or look at it like Bill Engvall does – those little spoonfuls of ice cream. We’ll get the giant bowl soon. Vaccines are coming. Biden will be in office soon. Things will get better. Just hang on.


6 thoughts on “Pockets of Joy

  1. I love Bill Engvall, and that’s a great way to look at things. 2020 was not my year in a lot of ways – both worldwide COVID and more personal reasons – but there were still moments of joy, and it’s always good to remember those. I am so ready for a brighter 2021, and I hope that vaccines come quick – for every day people, as I know more front line workers need them first, etc. And YES, BIDEN WON!!!!

  2. It’s so important to look at the silver linings, despite *everything* that this year has thrown at us…. Biden’s win definitely was a highlight during this dark year!!

  3. I love this Beth! It is so important to find joy even in the difficult seasons of life, and you have so many joyful things to look back on! And way to go Ollie, you should be proud! And thank goodness for Biden’s win. That’s a big spoonful of joy right there!

  4. What a lovely look into your year. I am finding the bright spots, too – and remembering that there is always some light even when it seems unbearably dark.

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