The Friday Five

I’m making my own rules with my return to blogging. I’m not linking up for anyone else’s Happy Friday lists. I am simply going to challenge myself to something I’m calling The Friday Five. I will list five good things from the previous week. Just five. That’s it. Simple right? I still like the idea of finding the good things going on in my little world, so this will force me to do that and end the week on a positive note. I’m just simplifying it a bit. Simple is good yes? Ok, then here we go.

Friday Five – 12.18.20

  1. My Red Aspen manicure. A friend of mine sells these amazing manicure kits. They’re called Dashes and they fit my nails so well. I’ve had them on for five days now and I’m really digging them. I love my Color Street but I think these might be taking their place!
  2. Baking cookies. I might be behind in all other aspects of Christmas at the moment, but my mom and I got all of our holiday baking done, so that’s a win!
  3. Warm baths. It was a little chillier this week and warm baths felt amazing at the end of the day!
  4. Cat snuggles. It might keep me from getting as much done when I get home at night, but I tell you, I love that as soon as I come in the door Taylor is looking for me and curls up in my lap as soon as I sit down.
  5. Discovering different holiday movies. We have been scrolling what’s available on Amazon Prime and have watched some movies we’ve never seen before such as Four Christmases and Office Christmas Party. It’s nice to shake it up a bit!

This weekend I have got to finish Christmas shopping and then I need to start wrapping gifts. It’s a non-negotiable. It’s temping to just sit around and snuggle the cat all day but Mama has to get on top of things! I can’t believe Christmas is in one week!

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “The Friday Five

  1. I do love my cat snuggles. My Charlie is currently chilling on my lap right now.
    I wish I had a tub that worked for bubble baths because that sounds divine right about now.
    My family is hoping to do some cookie baking this weekend. We’ve been gifted some cookies though, so those are always nice!


  2. Good for you to make your own rules. That’s allowed! And the fastest path to happiness.

    I’m also a big fan of hot bathes. I never took one before a few years ago; now I use them to warm up after outdoor activity and to soothe aching muscles after physical adventures.

  3. I love the Friday Five format – it’s a nice way to check in and share what’s going on in your world! I’ve been looking for more “non-traditional” holiday movies too… have you heard of/seen “Mixed Nuts” with Steve Martin from the 90’s?? Strange movie… but different LOL

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