Dear Santa, Aka Nate

This post is pretty much for my husband. He asked me if I would be posting my wishlist as I usually do for birthday and Christmas, so I decided, heck why not. We all need something fun right now, yeah? And maybe you’ll get some ideas for yourself!

A book on hand lettering. Nate’s been playing around with different pens and such lately and he’s got me kind of interested too. I saw this Hand Lettering Lesson book and thought, hey, that looks kind of fun! Something else to do while we’re just hanging out at home this winter, thank you pandemic.

A Schitt’s Creek or Friends themed coloring book. I never knew these existed but now that I do, I need them in my life.

Anything from the online shop Modern Millie Vintage. One of my Instagram friends introduced me to this shop and it would let me live out my fantasies of having Mrs. Maisel’s wardrobe. I mean, how adorable is this Unicorn print dress? They have tons of whimsical and fun dresses and skirts and I want them all. Size Large please. Or just get me a gift card and then I’ll go crazy with it!

Even though I don’t really do much of the cooking in our house, this recipe book from Friends seems like something I need in my collection. I mean, I really need to make Rachel’s trifle that tastes like feet.

Along the same lines of recipes that I will probably never make but would love to read about is this cute book from local shop, i like you, called Hotdish Heaven. I’d love the fun hat and mittens too. We love our hotdish here in Minnesota!

Keeping it local, one of the Quarantine Craft Kits from Larissa Loden jewelry would be fun or pretty much any of the jewelry from her shop. I love everything she does.

And there you have it! Pretty simple stuff because well, I’m a simple kind of gal and this year has been all about the basics. What’s on your wishlist?

5 thoughts on “Dear Santa, Aka Nate

  1. This is so fun- I also have one, going up Wednesday! I realized that all my carts from different sites were super full from all my quarantine window shopping haha.
    That dress is beautiful. The cut is perfect! And a handlettering book sounds so fun.

  2. Oh, you definitely need that dress! Very cute.
    I normally post a Christmas wish list, but I think my family has it covered, so I don’t know…I might do something just for fun. I’m sharing a lot of gift IDEAS though, so that counts, right??


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