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I’m fresh off a four day weekend. Ollie had a school break, Nate had taken the whole week off to kind of relax after his sister’s wedding, so I took the days that Ollie was off of school so we could have a little respite as a family. We made no plans, just let the days take us where they did and it was lovely.

We went and did our civic duty as a family and took care of our early voting.

We went on a hike at our local park and explored the fall colors and some of the sculptures in the park.

We played some board games and watched some movies.

We got donuts from our favorite bakery.

We went and did some disc golfing.

We got a couple of meals out from some favorite places.

We lounged around the house and were a little lazy with video games.

We bagged up some leaves and got the yard ready for winter.

We cooked and baked some yummy food.

And overall, we just enjoyed our time together as a family. Covid might have meant no crazy adventures or vacationing away from home, but honestly I don’t mind. It was really the perfect weekend and I’m recharged and ready for another week. I highly recommend taking a little break from everything once and awhile. I know it did me a world of good.

4 thoughts on “Recharge

  1. That sounds like such a nice long weekend! I’m with you–just getting some time to relax and recharge is enough for me. Of course I miss travel and eating in restaurants, but any kind of a break from the day-to-day is wonderful. And donuts are always good!

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