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I may not be posting as much as I used to, but I never want to miss out on the Currently post since it’s one of my favorites! This month Anne is asking us what we are currently admiring, going, making, scheduling and wishing. Here are my answers to these prompts!

Currently I am…

Admiring – Teachers. Hands down. Teachers have a tough job normally and this year it’s even tougher. I had a chance to sit in on Ollie’s morning meeting on Zoom with his class when my mom had an appointment the other day and after seeing what his teacher has to put up with I’d like to buy her flowers, chocolate and a giant bottle of wine. We don’t deserve teachers. They are amazing.

Going – to celebrate my sister-in-law’s wedding this weekend! They are having a very small and intimate ceremony but I am so excited to welcome her fiancé into our family and finally get a brother-in-law!

Making – Small Halloween plans. As I said in my post yesterday we’ll still dress up and go visit our families and then safely celebrate at home. Ollie has decided he wants us to be random characters from the Super Mario universe. He wants to be Luigi, he wants Nate to be Dry Bones and he said I could be Princess Peach even though I’ve dressed up as her before. I think it will be a fun theme.

Scheduling – Nothing after the wedding is over this weekend. Once nice thing about Covid is it has forced us to really slow down. That’s not a bad thing, even if my planner sadly sits empty.

Wishing – That the Orange Man in the White House would just shut his yap. Sorry, I just can’t with him, telling everyone to “not fear Covid and it’s no big deal?” Tell that to a good friend of ours who lost his Uncle to the disease. So anyway, I just hope and wish that we will vote him out next month. We need a President who takes this thing seriously. Sorry not sorry.

That’s the latest from here! Hope you are all doing well! And because I can’t have a post with zero pictures, here’s another cute one from a recent family photo session we had done.

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8 thoughts on “Currently in October

  1. Some teachers really are amazing. They should be paid way more than they are! And I love that family photo – so cute. Candid shots are always fun.
    I’m so with you on the orange man. It’s ridiculous and lacks so much empathy. I could complain about a lot…but basically, we need change. GOOD change.


  2. okay–THAT’S the cutest family pic I’ve seen in a long, long time! Enjoy the wedding weekend! I’ll bet it will be perfect. I’m all about intimate and not over-blown, so, COVID acts as a bit of a built-in in that department…
    (And here’s to Kamala in tonight’s debate!!!)

  3. All hail teachers! Seriously – I’m in awe of them. And I can completely relate on an empty planner (but somehow a stronger workload?!)

  4. I am so with you–teachers are the best!! And I agree that it’s nice to be forced to slow down right now–I still feel plenty busy with work and the kids’ schools!

  5. That picture of the 3 of you is lovely!
    I know what you mean about the empty planner. This year has really forced us to slow down and re-look at priorities. I used to feel bad if I said no to plans I didn’t want to be a part of. Goodness, has that changed!

  6. 100% agree on teachers and on it being time for you-know-who to zip his lips and stand aside. Love the family photo, and love the family Halloween theme! I couldn’t figure out exactly how to approach Halloween, but the idea just stopping at a few friends’ houses seems like a great approach – I’m comfortable with it if we’re outdoors and everyone is wearing a mask, so totally makes sense just to pop over to places where you know that will be the case, and then think of something else fun to do in your own home. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  7. I applaud all teachers (and parents, tbh) during these crazy times.
    Oh good god, and I can’t even with the Orange turd in the WH anymore… he needs to go!

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