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A School Year Like No Other

We have a first grader in the house! He is almost done with his first week of distance learning and it’s already pretty clear this will be a school year like no other, but Ollie is going to rock it.

Before we knew what our school’s plans were for the school year, we had a lot of discussion about what we’d want to do. We knew that distance learning would be an option we could choose no matter what the district decided. As much as we want Ollie to be back in a classroom with other kids, we just had too many concerns about what happens when he walks through the doors of school. It seems like he is prone to getting just about any sickness that goes around, the kid got the flu last year when he’d had a flu shot for heavens sake! We trust and love our school staff completely, but we just didn’t know what would happen once there was a classroom full of kids and it just gave us too much anxiety. So we decided we’d choose distance learning. Thankfully our district made that decision much easier when they announced almost all kids would be on a distance learning program and only some kids (mostly those with special needs or who have parents working in healthcare) would be back in the school building.

We can tell that our school staff has worked to make the distance learning program much stronger than it was in the spring. There will many more opportunities to come together as a class on Zoom meetings, communication has been fantastic so far, they sent home a full bag of supplies and workbooks. We had a chance to meet Ollie’s teacher in person yesterday for just a little bit as well. She had a chance to get to know Oliver and also see where he is at with his reading skills. They will then be working on a few personalized learning plans for the kids, they’ll be put into Zoom groups for reading and math with kids who are at a similar level.

The nice thing is our district will look at things on a quarterly basis and if things are improving Covid wise, they’ll make the decision to move to a hybrid or in person model. For now, this is what will work best and keep everyone safest. I hope that we’ll get into the classroom before the end of the school year, but we’re going to go one day at a time!

Ollie is very tech savvy and pretty easy going about all of it. He’s got a learning space all set up at grandma’s house and so far he’s doing great. I have been thankful more than once that he’s so young when this is happening because I feel like he’s pretty adaptable at this age. I don’t know if that would be the case if he was older, but who knows. No matter what, we’re making this a great year!

2 thoughts on “A School Year Like No Other

  1. It sounds like your school district is doing really well with making distance learning a success. I’m glad that Ollie is doing well so far, and I hope it is a great year for him. I’m sure it’s really helpful that he IS tech-savvy too.


  2. It sounds like you’re all smart and cautious about how to move forward with the distance learning. I am glad to hear that Ollie takes to it quite well. That makes things easier, I am sure.

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