Weekend Wrap Up

Remember the days where if I had nothing better to write about I’d simply recap my weekend? Well guess what, I’m going to do that today! I also used to joke, if you had a good weekend and you don’t write about it, did it really happen?

We had a great weekend! I would even go so far as to say it was our best weekend of the summer. Friday we were off of work so we could go to the Minnesota State Fair Food Parade. Yes you heard me, a parade of food. Obviously the State Fair was cancelled due to Covid, but the fine folks that organize the Fair had a brilliant idea, let some of the food vendors cook up their stuff and let folks drive through and order food to eat in the safety of their car. No crowds, no problem. Maybe the idea of sitting in a car for an hour and ordering a bunch of fried food sounds lame to you, but to us it was at least a small way to enjoy our favorite event of the year and it even brought a bit of normalcy to us for a little bit. I thoroughly enjoyed it. They did a great job. I’m still looking forward to being back to the regular Fair next year though!

The rest of Friday we were pretty lazy because, well, Food Coma. We watched a movie after Ollie went to bed and pretty much just chilled. Saturday we slept in a little but not too late and got up and went disc golfing. It was the most beautiful day outside so it was just the perfect day for it. We played nine out of an 18 hole course before Ollie was tired which we thought was pretty darn good. We picked up some lunch (Betty and Earl’s biscuits for me and Nate and McD’s for Ollie) and after lunch we played a game as a family and just enjoyed some screen free time. Nate mowed the lawn and I cleaned up the house a bit and we opted for more takeout for dinner from another restaurant we like called Clive’s. We even at out on our deck. We were going to do a bonfire but got lazy and watched another movie after Ollie went to bed.

Sunday we slept in again and then Nate made us some delicious pancakes for brunch. After brunch he set about making some Jamaican food that we planed to have for dinner with his family. I finished cleaning up the house and maybe even took a few Fall decor items out – gasp! Then Nate’s family came over for dinner. We tried to eat outside but then it started to rain, so we came back in the house. We had a delicious meal and a nice visit with them. After they left Ollie went to bed and we finished the weekend with a couple of episodes of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix.

Was it the world’s most exciting weekend? No. But it was great weather, we had some nice quality family time, we got a few things done but we also had a nice chance to just relax. Therefore, it was one of the best weekends we’ve had in a long time. In these crazy times, I’ll take it!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. I’m glad that, with some ingenuity, people were able to salvage some of the State Fair experience in our difficult time. Kudos to you for doing this. Happy you had fun.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, COVID or not. It’s great when the weather is (mostly) nice and you can just relax and be with people you love. I had a pretty good, chill weekend myself. The drive-thru state fair food sounds awesome though. I LOVE that idea.


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