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I love the Currently link up with Anne of In Residence, so while I’m stepping back a bit in blogging, I still wanted to do this post. I think it’ll be a nice time capsule to show what life was like during this crazy time. So, without further ado, the latest happenings based on this month’s prompts!

~Currently I Am~

Making – Coco bread. We had jerk chicken last night (yes I know it was Cinco de Mayo, oops) and we always have coco bread with it. It’s so delicious and not too hard to make!

Missing – Thrift Stores. Going to restaurants. Seeing my friends in person. I could go on and on. All things considered we are very lucky, we have a safe place to be and we’ve been healthy so far. But I do miss those simple things that make me happy!

Learning – Spanish with Ollie. While he does a good majority of his distance learning during the day with grandma while we work, I do his Spanish class with him each night and it’s been kind of fun! You are never too old to learn!

Loving – Sunshine and warmer weather. I’ve had my hammock out a bit, we’ve been eating on the deck and it’s definitely making this stay at home time much more tolerable!

Reading – Bad Moms adapted by Nora McInerny. Nora is the author of It’s Ok to Laugh, Crying is Cool Too and several other non-fiction books and she’s also a local celebrity around these parts. Anyway, she adored the Bad Moms movie and got a deal with the writers of said movie to adapt it into a novel. It’s her first fiction book and I sure hope it’s not her last. It’s hilarious.

So there we have it. Honestly we’re in a pretty good groove at the moment and have adjusted to our new normal for now. I think being able to go outside has made a world of difference for sure. I hope you are all doing well and staying safe too. Much love!

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6 thoughts on “Currently in May

  1. Warmer weather and sitting outside makes a huge difference. I think I would be in a world of funk without the opportunity to sit outside. I’m glad you guys are holding up okay in quarantine and that you are finding things to keep busy and good recipes to make. I’ll have to check out Bad Moms—thanks for the recommendation! Also I might have to link up with this. Love a good currently list!

  2. I miss restaurants so much too! Our state just opened for outside seating and 25% capacity. Friday is our anniversary and we are debating about trying to go out, but I’m also not wanting to risk it. Not for myself, but just for exposure to who I may them come in contact to. I feel like if we do go we will have to fully quarantine for another 14 days at least and I’m not sure it’s worth it. Also, LOVE the name of your blog! #currently

  3. I’m ready for warm weather to come back! It really does make it nicer being home when you can at least LEAVE the house. The Bad Moms novel sounds like a lot of fun – I loved that movie!


  4. I’ve heard Nora McInerny on several podcasts and love her – maybe it’s time to read some of her stuff! Definitely could go for something funny.

    And I feel you on missing the little things. Hang in there!

  5. Oh yes – I am missing thrift stores!! Just think of all the treasures there will be – after everyone donates all they have purged and organized during quarantine!!

  6. That is so fun that you are learning Spanish together! Violet was learning Sign Language at her preschool before she stopped going, so I hope they still do that when she goes back–kids soak up languages so well! It’s chilly today, but I’m loving the warmer weather we’ve had lately too!

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