What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 5.1.20

Happy May! It’s a new month and it’s Friday! We’re getting some spring like weather and that’s making this pandemic time so much better. I’m here with my girls Charlotte and Lindsay for our weekly love fest and sharing of the good things in our What’s Up Weekend link up! Let’s get those positive vibes out in the world. Here’s what I am grateful for and made me happy this week.

My family is healthy and safe.

I got to enjoy some time in my hammock on Saturday and was joined by my favorite little person.

I got some fun mail this week from some of my obsessive online shopping disorder economy stimulating practices.

Reading a good book with a tasty beer on my deck when it was nice outside.

A local station taking requests and literally playing anything people asked for if they donated to Secondhand Harvest food shelf. It was the best mix of music I’d heard in a long time and it was a great cause.

Delicious tacos made with some leftover barbecued meat for dinner the other night. SO tasty.

This dude and again how well he’s handling his distance learning. The other day the kids were celebrating “F” for fancy and were asked to wear something that made them feel fancy or special. Ollie chose this sweater his auntie made for him. So sweet.

Technology and how it has helped me stay connected to friends near and far.

Without getting too political here, my Governor and his leadership in this time and how our state is choosing to handle the pandemic. He was a teacher before his political career and I think it really shows when he gives a press conference. So much different than what’s coming out of the White House. That’s all I’ll say about that.

And now we’re off to the weekend! The weather here in MN is going to be first rate and I plan on us being outside all weekend long. Get that fresh air. Maybe start cleaning up the yard. Check up on the bees. Bonfire maybe. We have to soak it up when we have it and our own yard can be our personal paradise right now! I hope you are all doing well! Feel free to link up with us below and check out the other posts as well!

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5 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 5.1.20

  1. Love how you are handling this all ❤️ And I’m so glad to hear you’ve had some sunshine and that you are enjoying fresh air. All week it’s been off and on with the rain which is depressing but we’re getting so much sun and warm temperatures this weekend—makes a huge difference in mental health eh?!

    Awww Ollie’s fancy sweater is adorable ❤️ And that book looks good! Here’s to a wonderful weekend, my sweet friend.

  2. Looks like you had a good week! I like the term you use for shopping – going to use that going forward!

    Glad you are getting nice weather – makes a huge difference. We are opposites so I’m soaking up the very last of the sunshine and warmish days as we are in autumn now.

    Glad that Ollie is doing well with the distance learning – that sweater is so sweet by the way.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. So glad the weather is getting nicer and you can spend time in the hammock! (I need one LOL). I also think many governors (not all ;)) are doing a much better job than the WH…

  4. Aw, I love the shirt that Ollie chose to wear – homemade is super special.
    Reading outside is one of my favorite things to do when the weather is nicer. We had good weather Saturday, so I was outside most of the day. Yesterday was a lot of rain and some storms, but ah well, it was nice to just relax inside too.


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