What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 4.24.20

Happy Friday! As promised I’m here with my weekly happiness update because Lord knows we all need this right now! Thanks for the understanding and support on my last post about stepping back. I will say it’s like a weight has been lifted in one way. Enough about that though, let’s get to the good stuff. What’s Up Weekend is a weekly link up I co-host with my bloggy sisters Charlotte and Lindsay where we kick off the weekend on a high note by sharing the things we’re grateful for or made us happy from the previous week. Without further ado, here’s my list!

As I say every week, my family is healthy and safe. I am not taking that for granted at all.

We’ve been enjoying some more spring like weather and the sunny days are seriously giving me life.

This shirt I found for Ollie at Target. His school does a T-shirt Tuesday and this week asked the kids to send in pictures of themselves wearing positive messages. This one seemed perfect. Every day does get better.

Our bees have settled into their hives and seem to be doing what they are supposed to be doing! If all goes well we could be harvesting honey in July!

Nate made my favorite date night meal the other night, a very delicious pasta dish called pasta all’amatriciana. It has a fresh tomato sauce and guanchiale (an Italian meat similar to bacon).

We had a fun virtual Russian Easter dinner with my in-laws on Sunday.

I played Online Friends Trivia with a friend of mine from Twitter on Tuesday. We didn’t win but we still had fun.

Take out burgers and cheese curds from a local restaurant. We even went all out and ordered a six pack of beer from them now that they can sell it. It was a nice midweek treat.

And finally, this hilarious picture I can’t stop laughing at.

And there we have it! This weekend is supposed to be pretty decent weather wise so I think we’re going to spend some time outside! Maybe even get out on the disc golf course! Feel free to link up with us below and check the other posts as well! Have a great weekend!

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6 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 4.24.20

  1. Today’s weather seems decent enough, so hopefully I can get outside some. I think it might rain more tomorrow. Hopefully you’ll have a good weekend and can do some disc golfing!! Love Ollie’s t-shirt, and that date night meal looks amazing.


  2. Awww fingers crossed you get some good weather this weekend. We are too and it makes such a difference ❤️ We’ve had nothing but rain past few weeks and holy depressing!

    Love that you are having so many meetups virtually with friends and family. Such a difference it makes right? I wish my parents would learn how to FaceTime so that I could chat with them too! Love love love Ollie’s shirt and wishing you all a beautiful weekend ahead ❤️

  3. Perfect tee! Yes, Spring is a time of renewal and natural restores our joy. That pasta dish — OMG! If you keep posting pictures like that, I’m gonna travel to MN and knock on your door. 🙂

  4. Hey babes,

    I’m glad to hear it, that your parents and Nate’s remain well and healthy. Mine too and that means the world. Our health is everything, am I right? I’m also happy that your bees seem to be thriving and settling in. How exciting! 🙂 Love the cat faces on the bees – LOL great photoshop skills.

    I hope you had a good week this week, too, babes. I’m happy it’s Friday tomorrow. I’m so tired today and am looking forward to sleeping in past 5:30 on Saturday.

    Love you lady xoxo

  5. I love the shirt that you got for Ollie!
    I am also excited to hear about your bees…. I enjoy having bees in our yard (because I know they’re important), but I don’t know if I would want a hive! LOL

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