Tuesday Truth

So, it’s Tuesday and I like alliteration, so I thought let’s make it truth Tuesday. What’s my truth? I set out this year to find my joy. My one little word this year is joy. And then the pandemic came along and was like, “joy? No, your word of the year is hibernate.”  In spite of everything going on, I am still working on trying to make sure I focus on the things that bring me joy. I believe now more than ever it’s so important to the state of my well being. Here’s what’s really hard to admit at the moment. This here blog does not always bring me joy. There are days where it’s beginning to feel like a chore. I sit down to write and the words just aren’t coming. I sometimes feel like I’m going through the motions with it. I had these feelings before all the pandemic stuff went down, but the change in daily life has definitely brought it to light even more. As the weather is getting nicer I’m finding if I have a five minute break in my day I’d rather spend it outside than sitting working on blog stuff. I’ve also really built up my Instagram since the beginning of the year and it’s easier to spend a few minutes on that because it’s on my phone and it takes a little less time and well, less mind power in a way and it’s truly become my passion at the moment.

Before you think this is a farewell post and I’m hanging up my hat, that’s not true. I’m not ready to fully say goodbye to this blog and blog life. Inspiration could strike at any moment, you never know. And there are still a handful of posts I still enjoy writing. I will still being doing a weekly What’s Up Weekend post with my girls because I love the weekly check in of the good things. I will also still do Anne’s Currently post because it’s my favorite link up of all time and I look forward to it every month. And I think I’ll still do my goals and mantras post because it gives me accountability on my life. Other than that though I am giving myself permission to step back and take a break. If I don’t feel like writing, I am not going to force it. Right now there’s not much going on and that is ok.

I’ll always share new posts on my Facebook page so make sure you’re following there and you won’t miss out if I happen to write. Otherwise I will be here every Friday and first Monday and Wednesday of the month. I appreciate every single one of you who share in my life here and it’s because of all of you that I just can’t completely walk away. But I’m giving myself permission to slow down and step back. I know it will always be here when I need it. So, it’s not “goodbye”. It’s a “see you Friday”. Until then, have a great week. I love you all.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth

  1. I totally understand — and support your choice. These are difficult, unprecedented times and everyone is under stress. We need to focus on what’s important and jettison the rest. Be well and know we care.

  2. Aw, I’m sorry to see you stepping back a bit, but it makes total sense. You were definitely someone who posted most days too and that has to be tough to keep up with. These are some weird times for sure, so I’m sure it did make blogging seem even more of a chore some days!! We’ll see you on Friday. 🙂

  3. I understand exactly how you feel Beth. Your blog is amazing and for it to feel like a chore isn’t a way to bring yourself joy.

    I’m glad you are still doing the Friday link ups – I’ve not been doing them as regularly but I love reading them each week.

    Keep well and have a lovely week further.

  4. I got very nervous when I started to read this. But I’m glad it’s not a final farewell. Also I get this so very much. Before the pandemic I was fighting these feelings too, and now everything just seems so heightened. Like if it doesn’t bring me joy, what’s the point, really? But like you said I’m not ready to hang up my hat either and it sounds like what we both just need is permission to step back. Touch base when we have something to say or just want to connect again. Nothing wrong with that!

  5. I totally get how you feel and have been there before. I think it is great that you are trusting yourself to step back and only write when it brings you joy. I think that is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. In a time like this you don’t need another “should” in your life. I had to laugh too about “hibernate” vs “joy” – my word this year is “abundance” and I’ve wondered lately, “abundance” of what exactly was I thinking here? Time at home? 🙂

  6. I TOTALLY get how you fee, I’ve been feeling much of the same for the last while. Not feeling inspired or keen on writing. I always grapple with, should I just then put my blog in private mode and just keep it like how it used to be and chronicle whatever I feel like without hesitation or thinking about crap like SEO. I also feel like I’m boring?! I dunno, it’s a weird time for everything at the moment…

    I hear you. Hugs my friend. Xo

  7. Blogging should never feel like a chore. If you need to step back, so be it. You’ll come back when you’re ready (or just get used to blogging less for a while). I’d rather see fewer posts (that you enjoy) than more posts that just seem forced 😉
    The current situation definitely doesn’t make for a whole lot of exciting blog posts.. haha.

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