What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 4.3.20

Hey hey it’s Friday! I have survived another week of working at home and we’ve all survived another week of this crazy life, so it’s time to celebrate! Do yourself a favor, turn up your favorite song and dance for five minutes. Does it change anything? No. But you’ll get some endorphins and it’ll make you smile for a minute. After you do that, join me, Charlotte and Lindsay for our What’s Up Weekend post where we share the good of the week, the things that made us happy and that we are grateful for. There is still good in even the darkest of times. Here’s my happy list for the week!

My family is healthy and safe.

My friend Megan from Eco Resale did a fun Instagram Live where she sent style ideas and invited us to have the people we live with make an outfit for us. Ollie styled me with a little help from Nate. He did pretty good actually!

Watching Big Hero 6 last weekend. I love me some Baymax.

Tiger King on Netflix. Lord help me I can’t stop watching. We’re almost done and will probably finish it this weekend.

Zooming with my Besties. We use Marco Polo to keep in touch anyway but it was so nice to talk in real time for a little bit.


Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch. It is the best mindless distraction ever.

Walks with the boys on days it is nice outside.

Supporting our local restaurants that are open for take out when we can. We’ve enjoyed pizza, Mexican food and barbecue so far.

My furry co-worker. She makes me smile.

Doing Ollie’s Spanish lessons with him. I might end up learning the language before this is all over!

That brings us to the weekend. As usual our plans of course involve staying home. We didn’t end up playing many games last weekend so I’m thinking maybe we’ll do a bit more of that this weekend. And I’ve always got laundry to do. Laundry is not cancelled, ha! I hope you all have a great weekend and are staying safe and well! Feel free to link up with us below and check out the other posts too!

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4 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 4.3.20

  1. Laundry is never ending. I need to get the boys out for a walk around the neighborhood. Tiger King was nuts! Right?! A total train wreck! I hope it is a relaxing chill weekend! A bonfire might be called for! Stay safe friend!

  2. Your cat is the cutest. I am loving your “my coworker” stories on Instagram. Haha! How fun that you let Ollie dress you. He has good taste! It’s been nice to get to support local restaurants. It’s such a difficult time for so many small businesses. It would be nice if laundry was canceled for a few days!

  3. God, what a hot mess Joe Exotic is. That doc was like an awful car accident you can’t take your eyes off of. I mean, the memes are endless and bloody hysterical. Lolol.

    Daily walks are literally saving my life right now. Do you and Nate break during the day and go out for a walk or mainly in the evenings when Ollie comes home?

    Love the pic of you and Taylor. 🙂

    Hope you had a good week my love. Hope you guys are doing well and keeping safe.


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