What’s Up Weekend 3.20.20

Well hello! How are we all doing? Another interesting week right? Let’s all take a collective breath. We are OK. One day at a time. Anyway, I’m here with my girls Charlotte and Lindsay for our What’s Up Weekend post because now more than ever we need to celebrate the good things, am I right? So I’m still going to keep sharing the things that made me happy and I’m grateful for each Friday. There is still good. Here it is.

Getting out on a family walk the other night. It was so nice to get some fresh air.

Having a date night at home with Nate last night and just having a chance to talk and connect.

Winning another giveaway on Instagram. Can this luck maybe continue to say, a lottery ticket or something?

Getting to do outfit pictures with Ollie since he is out of school. We were stripe twins the other day.

Chocolate chip cookies. And cookie dough.

Our favorite bakery is still open so we were able to get our Friday donuts. Yum.

How well this guy is adapting to being at home. We’re treating it mostly like spring break right now but his teachers will be sending home stuff for distance learning very soon. He’s rolling with it and he’s just the best.

Speaking of Ollie’s school, his school staff have been sending videos to the kids of them reading stories and having dance breaks and they are just the best.

Having a dance party on Instagram the other night when a friend challenged me to do so. Ollie picked the song, so we danced to Tequila. It was definitely a mood boost!

Sunshine. Even in dark times, the sun always rises. I’m going to drink in the sunshine today!

And now we’re off to the weekend. Stay safe, stay home, wash your hands and we are going to get through this you guys. Just think each day that passes is another day closer to the end of the pandemic! Just call me Pandemic Pollyanna, ha! Feel free to link up with the ladies and I below and check out the other posts as well. Love you all!

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4 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 3.20.20

  1. Yay for focusing on the little positive things. It’s more important than ever right now, I think. I’m glad that Ollie is doing okay being home – and his school/teachers sound fantastic!!!


  2. That’s so good to hear that Ollie is transitioning well, his teachers are checking in, etc. that’s the consensus from what I’ve seen across the board. Teachers organizing virtual classrooms, the challenge is getting your kiddo to sit in front of the screen for so long.

    I hope your week wasn’t too bad, love. Take care of yourself and your fam, love. Keep your chin up!

    Love you

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