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It’s the first Wednesday of the month so that means it’s time for the Currently post with Anne of In Residence. I have loved this monthly link up for years and always look forward to sharing what’s new based on the prompts. Here are some current happenings for March!

~Currently I Am~

Fixing – Nate’s car. We had to have a few costly repairs made about a week ago but we’re hoping that it will last another year or so and then when the payments are finished on my car loan we can look at getting him a new one. Why are cars so darn expensive?

Hearing – The Brian Oake Show podcast. Brian Oake is my all time favorite local DJ and he was unfortunately let go from his last position at one of the local radio stations here. He took the opportunity to start recording a podcast and I love it. He usually interviews someone local to the music scene and also plays music of all genres. He did an all Female February and it was seriously fantastic. I’m glad I still have a way to listen to him.

Borrowing – Books from my mom. I’m currently reading a book she borrowed me by Mary Higgins Clark called I’ve Got You Under My Skin and I seriously can’t put it down. I started it in earnest on Sunday and I’m 3/4 of the way through it already.

Recommending – The movie Knives Out. I seriously thought it was a horror movie but I saw a review of it on a local program here and realized it was much more of a whodunit style mystery. It was so well done, the cast is fantastic and it was just an all around fun movie. I highly recommend.

Feeling – Fresh! It’s been spring like weather lately and I am here for it. I am pulling out my brighter colored clothing and it’s feeling so good. As I said, it just makes me feel fresh and new.

That’s the latest from here! What’s currently happening with you?

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8 thoughts on “Currently in March

  1. I’m wondering if I’m the last person left who’s never read Mary Higgins Clark. It feels like saying ‘I’ve never tried drinking water.’ Maybe I should try it?
    And love your answer to feeling: Fresh!! It was 28 degrees here this morning but a high of 61. Going to open those windows and get…fresh.

  2. I’ve discovered, Beth, that there are prompts to these posts! I just went on a diatribe on my first attempt. haha. I love the idea of the brighter colors coming out in your very cool wardrobe. For a guy, the colors never really change. Just the sleeve-lengths and the teams! Spring means getting out my Rockies cap.

  3. We had to do some car repairs around here recently too – such a hassle, but I guess I’m glad it’s done. They do just feel like money pits sometimes! And I’m excited to see your recommendation of Knives Out. I’m not usually up on recent movies but saw a commercial for that one and wondered if it was good – I love the idea of a fun whodunit, especially with Daniel Craig 😉

  4. I am here for the spring weather too! And spring clothes! I know, cars are ridiculous. We have super old cars, which on the upside means no car payments, but the repairs are no fun.

  5. Thanks for the tip on Knives Out. I totally thought it was a horror flick and am not a fan of horror. I’m a chicken. LOL Hope you’re having a great week!

  6. I thought Knives Out was fantastic – such a great movie. I hear they want to make a sequel, just a different story but with the same detective and I’m here for that. 🙂

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