Joy in February

It’s word of the year check in time again. If you missed it last month I have decided at the end of each month I will report on how I found joy. This way I’ll stay on track a bit more and not lose site of my vision for the year. Here is where I found joy in February.

  • I found joy in making cookies with my kiddo and indulging in the cookie dough because it sounded good.
  • I found joy in the Instagram group I joined up with and how supportive and awesome the ladies have been.
  • I found joy in making sure Nate and I took time out to go on a date just the two of us and it gave me even more joy to be home and in our PJs by 9:00.
  • I found joy in playing board games with Ollie and getting him to turn off his video games a bit more.
  • I found joy in indulging in dorky old reruns of Saved by the Bell on Hulu. Sometimes you need pure fluff.
  • I found joy in shopping with my mom and finding some good things to transition my wardrobe from winter to spring.
  • I found joy in slowing down and resting when I had a bad cold. Sometimes it’s hard to do that but sometimes it is necessary.
  • I found joy in little moments such as mealtime conversations with Nate and Ollie that remind me just how lucky I am.

Overall I had a good month and I’m definitely making sure I’m finding my joy each and every day. So far, so good! I’ll report again next month!

5 thoughts on “Joy in February

  1. I love this idea for a post. What a great way to keep up with your word for the year. It is a lot of fun making cookies with kids. I need to invite my niece and nephew over make some chocolate chip cookies. They’d really enjoy that. I’m glad you’ve found so many opportunities to experience joy this month!

  2. I love this round up, what a great way to focus on little bits of joy in each month. Also, cookie dough is the best. I may have just finished a bowl of cookie dough ice cream myself 😉

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