What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 2.21.20

Happy Freaking Friday! How’s everyone doing today? I have been fighting a bit of a headcold this week but I’m otherwise good, I’m in a great mood in spite of it. I’ll have a chance to lay low a bit this weekend and kick it to the curb. This was a nice short week thanks to President’s Day. As always I’m here with my girls Charlotte and Lindsay to look back at the week that was and celebrate the good things, stuff that made us happy and that we are grateful for in our What’s Up Weekend post. Let’s get right into it. Here’s my happy list for this week.

Shopping on my day off with my mama. No one gets my style more than she does and we found some great stuff!

A fun date night with Nate last Saturday to a great Korean restaurant in town. We had the most delicious dessert that was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Joining up with the most fun little style group on Instagram. I’ll have more thoughts on this in a post coming on Monday, but I’ve found a group of people that have been so amazingly supportive and fun and who love style as much as I do and they’re seriously awesome.

A great conference yesterday with Ollie’s teacher. He’s doing so well at school, he continues to be friendly and helpful to others and he’s doing really well with all his learning skills too. His teacher adores him and it’s just the sweetest thing. We love our school. And side note, how cute is this picture his teacher sent for the 100 days of school? Future’s so bright he needs shades.

Sudafed. It has made these headcold days much more bearable!

National Love Your Pet day. I mean, that’s pretty much every day in our house, but it’s always nice to celebrate it! We love our Taylor girl.

Sunshine. It’s been colder than the North Pole this week, but it’s also been nice and sunny so that has made a world of difference.

Hanging out with my favorite little dude on our day off on Monday. We played lots of Guess Who and a couple of other card games and we had a lot of fun.

Delicious burgers from one of our favorite dive joints in town.There’s one I love with bleu cheese crumbles on it and sauteed mushrooms and it’s so freaking good.

This hilarious picture Nate left for me on this erase board we have on the door at home. We leave each other note quite a bit but this one takes the cake. My husband might not be much of an artist but I still think this is really cute.

And that brings us to today. I have the early shift at work which is not my favorite but it also means my weekend starts that much sooner, so it could be worse! As I said above, we don’t have much going on this weekend so being able to relax and take it easy sounds pretty darn good to me! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! As always feel free to link up with the ladies and I below and check out the other posts as well!

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6 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 2.21.20

  1. That dessert looks so delicious!
    Yay for good school conferences!
    We will conquer the crud! This winter has been rough!
    That drawing is perfect! What a fun surprise to find!

  2. Omg. The badly drawn family on the dry erase board is seriously the cutest/sweetest thing. Ever ❤️❤️❤️ Love. This!

    And happy 100 days of school, Ollie! That’s great he loves his class and teachers and that he’s in such good hands during the day. What a relief to find a place where he can learn, grow, and thrive. I’ve heard so many nightmare stories where schools and teachers are concerned (sadly!) so this is refreshing/ I know it’s not an easy job!

    Also that dessert looks amazing!

  3. So happy to hear that Ollie is doing so great in school.
    And I love your kitty. I live vicariously through my friends, who have pets.

  4. Hello Beth, Great to see that you have come up with one more of your “What’s up Weekend” and similar to many more this was also very interesting to read. You including factors such as Ollie, Sunshine – the cat, date nights, fun time with kid, etc., adds so much colour to your writing and showcases the love you have towards sharing them. Thank you and keep them coming.

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