Thrifty Tuesday

Thrifty Tuesday – Colors and Prints

I’ve shared many times before that one of my best thrift tips is to go shopping on the 50% off sale days. Pretty much every thrift store will have a 50% off sale on the lesser big holidays like Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. Since yesterday was Presidents Day and I was off of work, I decided it would be a good day to do some shopping. I am finding my style preferences changing again. Isn’t it funny how every few seasons there is a bit of a shift that way? Anyway, I’ve been craving colors and prints lately, so while I didn’t set out to find anything specific, I kept that in the back of my head. My one and only rule was absolutely no gray. I have too much gray!

My mom went with me and we started at Clothes Mentor. Clothes Mentor wasn’t doing 50% off yesterday but they have winter clearance right now for up to 70% off, so that was good enough for me! We’ve recently found we like a Clothes Mentor that is a little further away from the one that we usually go to, but it’s worth the drive. It’s easily twice the size of the one we typically go to and has more items to choose from. I tried on about eight items and chose four things to take home. Peach, pink and leopard. I don’t know what it is about leopard print right now but I. AM. OBSESSED. The pants I bought are another good example of another thrift tip of mine – don’t pay too much attention to size. The marked size of these pants were not my normal size but I tried them on anyway and guess what? They fit. Good enough for me.

After Clothes Mentor we popped over to the Goodwill. Again I looked for colorful things and fun prints. I tried on about six items and this time kept about three of them. A fun floral cardigan, a key printed top and a cute pullover sweatshirt that simply says Wine three times. My mom did quite well here also finding three books and four shirts – though it might not have hurt that the line for the checkout ended up right in front the row of her size shirts!

Overall I am very happy with my purchases. Everything I bought will transition well between winter to spring. The colors and prints are super fun. I struck out on most of the pants and skirts I tried on yesterday, but maybe that is ok. I think having these new tops will help kind of mix and match with the bottoms I already own. It’s a nice infusion in my wardrobe and should help me stop feeling so stale and bored. Sometimes we need a change!

Any fellow thrifters out there go shopping yesterday? What were your finds?

5 thoughts on “Thrifty Tuesday – Colors and Prints

  1. You found some adorable things! I have a similar leopard sweater and love it–I can’t get enough of that print either. And the wine sweatshirt is so fun too. I haven’t done any secondhand shopping in a while and I need to!

  2. You’ve got style, Beth. I didn’t do any thrifting yesterday, but my girls and I are not ones to ever pass a Goodwill without popping in. We also have a place we call Shepherd’s Chest (which isn’t their name at all, we’re goofy like that) that has incredible deals on thrift items, too.

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