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Recent Reads 2.10.20

Time to share some of my latest reads! I’ve continued to have a good groove of reading so that’s been pretty nice! I’ve been averaging about a book a week. Here are the latest ones I enjoyed.

Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand

I’ve come to really enjoy Elin Hilderbrand’s books. This one was vastly different from the last one of hers that I read. This book follows a group of teenagers and the aftermath of a tragic accident on Nantucket the night of graduation. The story is told from several different points of view from parents of the affected teenagers to the teenagers themselves. The biggest mystery in the book is why a seemingly happy 17 year old girl would crash her car into a cliff with all her friends inside when she hadn’t been drinking. Eventually as more truths come to light the reasons become a bit more clear, but everyone’s lives are forever changed.

I appreciated that this book wasn’t necessarily tied up in a neat little bow but still resolved by the end. I think it’s a great story that touches on so many topics from friendship to family to marriage to relationships and infidelity to depression and alcohol abuse. It held my attention from the very beginning and was one I couldn’t put down. My only complaint is some of the names Elin chose for these characters. One of the characters who struggles quite a bit in the book is named Demeter, perhaps she’d struggle less with a slightly different name? I kid just a little.

4/5 stars

The Summer House by Jean Stone

This is an older book, copyright is 2000. It was a very interesting book to read in today’s political climate however as it is about a Presidential candidate’s family. Our protagonist, Liz, grew up in a politically minded family, her father insistent that her brother would be President one day. Tragedy strikes and her brother is killed. Her father then molds her brother’s best friend, who happens to be Liz’s suitor, into the perfect Presidential candidate. Liz marries him, they have three children and set off on the path to the White House, but secrets and sandals from the past come up and show that nothing is ever what it looks like from the outside.

Again, I could not put this book down. The story is told between flashbacks to the past and then in the present and it helps explain the story and gives depth to some of the secrets and lies. I had chills over one line when Liz’s son is talking about how his dad can’t give up his campaign because what if someone like Donald Trump wanted to take over. This was written in 2000. Annnnd insert Twilight Zone music. Overall I really enjoyed this book, another great page turner.

4.5/5 Stars

You Will Be Mine by Natasha Preston 

This is a YA Thriller that takes place around Valentine’s Day, so I thought it would be seasonally appropriate to read it. This is an extremely fast read, partly I think because it is a YA novel but partly because it’s an edge of your seat kind of thriller. The book follows five college students who live together in England. One day a note shows up for one of them taped from magazine letters threatening him. They all think it’s just a prank as that is something that is known to go on around Valentine’s Day at their school. But when he disappears after the group goes to a party one night and doesn’t return home, they start to take the message more seriously. A gruesome discovery in their film editing studio on campus leads to the roommates to now fear for their lives as one by one they are each targeted by who they assume is one girl’s ex-boyfriend. I figured out who the actual killer was about halfway through the book and I really hoped I was wrong, but even though I was right, I was still on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next.

This isn’t a genre of book I’d normally read, but strangely there is a small romance developing during the story as well and overall I found I did care about these characters and I feared for what was happening to them. It is a little gory in a couple of spots but not as bad as it could have been. I think I’d like to check out other books by this author for a little jolt of fear every now and then. It’s good to get that adrenaline going right?

3.5/5 stars

Next up on my reading list is a book on raising children in the digital age. I’m also planning to start some books by Mary Higgins Clark as she just passed away and my mom is collecting some of her books because she is one of her favorite authors. I haven’t read much by her so I’m looking forward to digging into some of them.

What are you reading right now?

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11 thoughts on “Recent Reads 2.10.20

  1. Oh I’m curious to hear about the parenting book that’s next on your list, I need to read one like that. The YA thriller sounds like a fun one too!

  2. Elin is one of my favorite authors as well. Her books are just perfect for hot summer days! You Will Be Mine sounds like a great read! Adding it to my TBR. I had no idea MHC passed away! She’s one of my favorite authors! I can tear through her books so quickly! So sad.

    1. I agree, I read another book of hers a couple of months ago and wasn’t as into it, but this one I couldn’t put down so I highly recommend!

  3. You Will Be Mine sounds interesting. I somehow didn’t read any Valentine’s themed books this year. Too late to start now, with the list I’ve got. LOL Enjoy your month!

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