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I missed out on the Currently post last month because it happened fall directly on the 1st and we were in a car on the way back from St. Louis. I’m happy to be back at it this month as it’s one of my favorite posts to do! Here are some current happenings based on this month’s prompts!

~Currently I Am~

Loving – My boys. Always. They were so adorable the other night, Nate was practicing his guitar and Ollie wanted to play along on his ukulele, so Nate showed him a couple of chords.

Embracing – My dip powder nails. I only own two colors at this point though so I guess I need to get more! And I keep talking about sharing a post all about them so I’ll make that happen soon!

Tasting – Rice Krispie Bars. I needed to make something sweet for our Super Bowl gathering with my in-laws and I was also trying to make sure it would be dairy free for my sister-in-law. Rice Krispie Bars to the rescue! I make mine with peanut butter and then I decided chocolate sounded good, so I put melted chocolate chips on half of them and OMG. I forgot how good these are!

Wearing – All the layers. I’ve really been liking putting a sweater over a blouse lately for a bit of a preppy look and it’s a bonus that it also keeps me nice and warm!

Preparing – For my sister-in-law’s wedding! The wedding is at the end of May so it’s coming up super quick. We found the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses already (that I just might actually wear again!) and she’s been making all sorts of plans and it’s very exciting. I couldn’t be happier for her, her fiance is a wonderful man and we are so glad to have him join our family!

That is the latest from here! What’s currently happening with you?

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12 thoughts on “Currently in February

  1. Have fun at that wedding! I’ve been married 19 years; I find that the further I get from my own wedding, the more I enjoy going to others’! I had such a blast at my little cousin’s wedding last May. I guess it’s a celebration not only of that couple, but of everyone who works at keeping their love a priority. Bet you’re gonna have great wedding nails 🙂

  2. I’m curious to hear more about your nails! I’m terrible about keeping my nails painted and hate how quickly regular polish chips. And yes to layers–I’ve been wearing lots of layers too. Our weather has been all over the place!

  3. Happy to have you back 🙂

    I’m intrigued by the nails – they look great! Is it easy? And ooooh I forgot how good rice krispie treats with PB and chocolate are too.

  4. I love dip powder nails!! Did you do them yourself?? Color me incredibly impressed if you did! I know of one place around me that does them, and they’re $$ but totally worth it.

    Awww I love your layering look! Super cute! I’m having a hard time with the layers lately, but it’s been so dang cold and I’m so big and uncomfortable lol. Awww that’s so exciting you have a wedding in the family soon! Those are so fun! And that’s wonderful you have a bridesmaid dress you might be able to wear again ❤️

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