Goals and Mantras for February

It’s a new month so it’s time for new goals and mantras and also to look back at how I did on my goals for January. While January was kind of a blah month overall, I was actually rather productive! Let’s take a look.

January Goals

Clean out linen closet  Done! At long last! I’ve only been trying to get this done for a year, ha!

Go on a date night with Nate Yes! We ended up on a double date with his sister and her fiance and we had a really lovely time. I’m looking forward to another date for Valentine’s Day this month (though we’re being smart and not going ON V-Day)

Get steps in for 99 Walks – Nope. As I mentioned in a confessions post, I have decided to take a break from the 99 Walks program. I’d like to get back into a good groove of regular exercise, but trying to hit my miles for the program was just too difficult.

Read 2 books Yes! I actually did double that, I read four books in January! I’ll have a book review post soon.

Make appointments for Ollie’s physical and for my own physical Done! Ollie’s appointment was last week, mine will be late in February because of insurance.

Sell 3 items on Poshmark Yes! The latter half of the month was a bit slower in sales, but I managed three sales towards the beginning of the month so that was awesome.

Overall I’m really pleased with how I did! I’m hoping I can keep this momentum going into February.

February Goals

Figure out a better shoe storage system in my closet

Clean up Ollie’s room and pull stuff for garage sale

Read 4 books

Sell 2 items on Poshmark

Paint one picture

Get our bees ordered for the summer

Finish the puzzle we’ve been working on

Help Ollie get Valentines ready for his classmates

There we go. Seems pretty do-able. February is a shorter month but it’s Leap Year this year so we get one more day than we’d normally get! Because Valentine’s Day is this month, making it the month of love, my mantras will all be love based.

It should be a pretty darn good month! If you have any goal posts for the month, link up with the Peaceful Posse below!

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5 thoughts on “Goals and Mantras for February

  1. You kicked January’s butt! Nice! I got Violet’s class Valentines ready to go but need to get Jona’s together–although I let him pick and he chose the simplest, cheapest ones so I’m good with that 🙂 I really need to clean out kids clothes too–it’s so hard to stay on top of that!

  2. You did a great job in January! And you’re also motivating me to get a handle on our shoe and closet situation. Omg girl. They are just a nightmare lol. Also totally need to get better at Poshmarking! So inspired by your sales and it’s so easy to use. I hope you have a wonderful February and best of luck achieving all of your goals! ❤️

  3. Nice work on the January goals! Woohoo!
    Hope you can check of your February goals as well. Out of curiosity – how do you work on selling stuff on Poshmark? (I haven’t been really successful, but I also don’t have a strategy ;))

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