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Hi. I’m coming up really dry on blog topics at the moment. I blame winter and my returning to my roots as a bear. But I wanted to write something today so you didn’t all think I disappeared into oblivion or something, so guess what? It’s going to be a random thought post! Dun dun dunnnnnn. (That’s my ominous music impression if you didn’t catch that). Think of it like Deep Moments with Jack Handy from Saturday Night Live. Hopefully mine make more sense. No promises though!

I really do not enjoy being cold. I know you’re all like “duh”. But seriously, cold weather is just not my friend. I like having snow for Christmas but now that it’s over, I’m pretty much over winter. It doesn’t help that we were teased with lovely warmer weather while we were in St. Louis. However, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere other than Minnesota. My heart is here for ever. Cold weather and all.

Now that we have taken our beekeeping course and are planning to get our own bees next summer, I’m kind of obsessed with all things bee. I found the cutest sweater on Poshmark that has a bee with a crown (like Queen Bee) and I had to have it. I recently bought a necklace that has some bee charms. Who am I becoming?

I’ve been listening to a ton of music I enjoyed when I was younger. I made a playlist on Spotify I’m calling “Middle School Mixtape.” It has Amy Grant, Paula Abdul, Debbie Gibson, Ace of Base and some random one hit wonders I found (anyone remember a song called Dreams by a singer named Gabrielle? No? Just me? Yeah). I wouldn’t go back to being that age again for anything, but I tell you, these jams also make me super nostalgic, kind of in a good way. I’m not old. Nope.

We’re finally getting Ollie interested in movies. We’ve seen a couple in the theater but getting him to sit down at home and watch one has not been the easiest task. While it was cold and snowy and gross over the weekend we finally convinced him to have a movie afternoon with us. We watched Moana and he loved it. Totally worth having the songs stuck in my head all week. We’re making a list of other movies to see now. Pass the popcorn. Movies go along nicely with my hibernation mood.


A stream of consciousness type post has not been as easy to write as I thought it would be! I think things are just so status quo and on an even keel right now that there just isn’t much even going on in my brain. This is really not a bad thing and maybe I shouldn’t even say it out loud because I don’t want to jinx it. And really, I think I just shared more of a what’s new post instead of a random thoughts post. But it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want I guess! Anyway, that’s it. Hopefully I’ll have some more exciting content soon.

How’s your January going?


7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Wednesday

  1. Hi momma!! I’m all for these brain dump “stream of consciousness” posts! They’re some of my favorites, even if we feel like we’re letting our readers down. Quite the opposite!

    I’m totally in full on hibernation mode. January just feels so damn long after the hype of the holidays. Also I love that you were able to have a movie night (or afternoon!) with Ollie! And that you’re in full-on bee keeping mode! I want to see that sweater! I bet it’s adorable!!

  2. Just reading this puts the Moana soundtrack in my head, ha! I LOVE that movie, and my kids like it too. Violet does NOT do well sitting still for movies either, although that one held her interest for longer than most. Jona could probably sit through a few too many movies 😉 He gets obsessed, ha! And your playlist sounds fantastic! We pulled “Mariah Carey” out of our music jar this week so I’ve been having fun listening to her.

  3. I like posts like these! That’s great Ollie is getting better with sitting and watching movies. Always nice, and I do love Moana. It’s been really weird weather around me – sometimes it’s not too bad, then it’s cold and rainy. Not too much snow. And I LOVE listening to music I enjoyed growing up. 🙂


  4. That is so awesome that you are going to be BEEKEEPERS! I love bees! I have a couple of bee shirts that I have picked up at random places.
    Winter has me down too, it’s been hard to write…to even post pictures. Can this dreariness be over yet?!?

  5. We are all (except Matt of course) going through rounds of illness, as we do every January… so that’s fun. BUT! I’m trying to talk Matt into going to the Ice Castles in New Brighton but he doesn’t super super excited. I would rather go this year when it isn’t -50 degrees. I mean, I can handle 30s, and I’ve always wanted to see them. Have you been? Is it worth the 2 1/2 hour-ish drive?

    1. We have never been to the Ice Castles but I’ve had friends go that have enjoyed it. We might check it out this year because it’s almost in our backyard, we live right by New Brighton. It’s only a couple of miles away.

  6. Stream of consciousness posts are great sometime, when we can’t really have enough for a full blog posts on their own… and I love a peek inside your brain on a regular Wednesday 😛

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