Humpday Confessions

Humpday Confessions 1.15.20

Guess what day it is? It’s Hump Day! So guess what it is time for? Humpday Confessions! Time to cleanse that ole soul and own up to my latest sins, ha ha! Here we go!

I confess…

That I’ve been listening to a little bit of country music on occasion and I kind of like it. I created a “women of country” playlist on Spotify. I blame the tribute they did at the CMA awards last month, it kind of inspired me I guess.

That I quit my 99 Walks program. I know, I know. I’m not quitting trying to get exercise, but trying to keep up with the goals and all that was just not happening. I decided I didn’t want to pay for a service I’m not really using to it’s full potential right now. I can always sign up again in the spring when it’s easier to get outside for walks.

That after making us homemade pizzas last night Nate forgot to turn off the oven and the entire upstairs of the house filled up with smoke. We’d gone downstairs to watch TV and have a pizza picnic with Ollie and I went up to get him some more milk and it was like, holy smoke Batman. I’m surprised the smoke detector didn’t go off. We turned on every fan and opened a couple of windows and it cleared out. Sigh.

That I broke down and bought myself a starter dip powder manicure set and tried it out yesterday and so far I’m in love. It should theoretically last about two weeks so we shall see if it does!

That I have been introverting hard lately. I think it’s the after holiday/travel crash or something. And also in my former life I was a bear, so I’m in serious hibernation mode right now. I feel a little guilty but I just don’t want to be around people at the moment. I’m finding my joy in cuddling up with my blanket in the basement, is that so wrong?

That I ordered my second orthopedic pillow in just under a year because I’m “wake up with a neck ache from how I was sleeping” years old. I got my new pillow yesterday and I have to say, it’s leaps and bounds better than the first one. I had my best night’s sleep in weeks last night. And my neck doesn’t hurt!

That we’ve been trying to set time limits on Ollie’s screen time with things like the Nintendo Switch and games on the iPad…but we don’t always follow through. I can get so much done while he’s zoned out sometimes, I can’t help it!

That I have mountains of laundry to fold and put away. I was so proud of myself for getting ahead of the laundry when we first got back from St. Louis, but one week back at work and normal routines and the whole thing just fell apart again. One of these days I’ll conquer the laundry. Maybe.

That Ollie has been a pretty big mama’s boy lately and I’m loving every minute. I am really loving age 6 so far. He’s a pretty awesome kid. It’s such an ego boost to hear you’re pretty multiple times a day!

That I got my Friends LEGO set put together and I’m afraid to let Ollie touch it because it was so hard to build, I fear the whole thing falling apart! I did tell him we could play with it together though. And he now knows all the names of the Friends characters and who goes with who and I’ve never been more proud, haha!

Well there we have it. Such scandal as usual. You’re all going to report me to the authorities aren’t you? If you have anything you need to get off your chest, hit me up in the comments! We’re a safe space here!

PS – if anyone is interested, I’m considering making this a monthly link up. Feel free to weigh in on that too.


2 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions 1.15.20

  1. I get the introverting/hibernation impulse. After the holidays we just want to be alone. 🙂

    Speaking of country music, have you seen “Wild Rose”? It stars Jessie Buckley, singing fabulously. I bought the movie-soundtrack ’cause I like the songs so much.

  2. Ooh I’m glad it was just smoke and not an actual fire! And nothing wrong with wanting to hibernate. It’s Winter after all. I love that Ollie knows all the Friends characters now. LOL


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