What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 1.10.20

Happy Friday!! First full week under my belt in a few weeks and it wasn’t too bad. As I said earlier this week, kind of nice to have the “normal routines” back again. Speaking of normal routines, it’s part of the routine around here to celebrate the good of the week on Fridays with What’s Up Weekend, co-hosted with my Peaceful Posse bloggy sisters Charlotte and Lindsay. Kick off the weekend the right way! Here are the things that made me happy/that I’m grateful for from this week.

Some nice finds at the thrift store last weekend with some items that will kind of help round out my winter wardrobe.

Freshening up my pixie cut and going back to more of an “undercut” style. It’s just a little edgier and a lot more fun.

Finishing Mrs. Maisel season three even if the ending left me a little disappointed. And I still want her entire wardrobe.

Ollie got a fresh haircut also and now looks like he’s ready to graduate high school. Insert cry laugh emoji here.

I made three sales on Poshmark this week and have some more items to list after cleaning out my closet a bit last weekend.

The seat warmers in my car. It’s been kind of chilly this week!

Snuggly Taylor cat on chilly evenings. Even if she likes to lay on my legs at night making it so I can hardly move. Love our furball.

Playing Legos with Ollie and starting to set up my Friends Lego set – let me tell you though, that set is complicated!

Finishing two books in the last week. It’s been feeling good to put my phone down more.

And there we have it! Off and running to the weekend and it’s going to be another nice quiet one which is awesome. We have Ollie’s tumbling class and that is pretty much it. I love weekends like that! Do you have fun weekend plans? Feel free to link up with the ladies and I below and be sure to check out the other posts!

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8 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 1.10.20

  1. My sister’s car has seat warmers and it’s so lovely! Your cat is adorable – I love snuggling with my Charlie at night too. He keeps me so warm. Love yours and Ollie’s new haircuts – he really does look so old though!!!

    I love that you’re reading more. Hope the book were good. 🙂


  2. OMG little Ollie doesn’t look so little in that picture! He’s so handsome!! But I know what you mean. I’d have a hard time too. Don’t worry–he’ll always be your baby <3

    Those butt warmers. They are a god send in the winter months. It was actually a non-negotiable item I needed in my lease, and so glad I have them now 🙂

    Congrats on the sales for Poshmark! I need to go through my closet and add some more items to my online closet.

  3. I love the hair!! I was disappointed with the ending of Mrs. Maisel as well. I definitely enjoyed Season 1 and 2 more than 3! But, regardless, I’m in love with all the characters. SO GOOD.

  4. I love your fresh cut, it looks good! And Ollie looks so handsome too. Jona always kills me when he gets a cut too–he looks so big! We also have a quiet weekend ahead, which will be so nice! I hope you have a good one!

  5. Kill me for saying this but I enjoy the post-holidays return to normal. It’s soothing to be past the hubbub. BTW, want to join me in the fantasy-dream of waking up with Midge’s clothes in our closets?! (In fact, I’m working on an outfit inspired by her style.)

    1. I agree, the post-holidays return to normal is kind of nice. And yes I want to join you in the fantasy of waking up with Midge’s entire wardrobe!! I can’t wait to see your post on her style!

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