What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 1.3.20

It’s the first What’s Up Weekend of 2020! How’s everyone doing so far? We’re getting back into the groove of things at our house after being out of town. Back to work and school and all that good stuff. Speaking of the good stuff, Fridays are the place where we celebrate that kind of thing around here in the What’s Up Weekend link up I host with my girls Charlotte and Lindsay. We kick off the weekend on a high note by looking back at the week and sharing the things that made us happy or that we are grateful for. Let’s dive into my list for this week!

Safe travels both to and from St. Louis. We had no issues on the road at all.

Getting to do a paint night with Nate’s female relatives one night while we were there. Nate’s aunt has a friend who teaches and she gave her a picture of Itasca as inspiration. I absolutely love the result!

Having our house and little Miss Taylor Cat well cared for by my parents while we were gone. My dad even snowblowed our driveway when it had snowed so we wouldn’t have to when we got back. What a guy!

Laughs and fun times at the Ugly Sweater party with Nate’s family.

My work email inbox was not terribly full when I got back to the office so it was easy to catch up.

Finding a super cute sweatshirt, a nice cozy sweater and yes, a purse on my thrift adventure in St. Louis. I’d like to say my goal this year is to stop buying purses, but let’s get real. That’s never going to happen!

Oliver did so well on the trip down and back and was very go with the flow while we were there. We received so many compliments on his behavior. He’s a good kid. I think we’ll keep him.

Snuggles from Taylor when we got home. She certainly was happy to see us!

Sleeping in my own bed. It feels pretty darn good after a week away from it!

Now we’re off to the weekend and we have zero plans which makes me insanely happy. I plan to take down Christmas and try to get our presents opened up and put away and at least attempt to get the house back in order. We’ll see how it goes I guess!

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6 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 1.3.20

  1. Love the painting! The colors are so pretty! Ugly sweater parties are my fav!
    I’m glad you had a good trip to St. L!
    I took the first few days of the year off…I’m sure everything will be great when I return on Monday. 🙂

  2. That painting is really pretty!
    I love seeing pics of ugly sweaters – our Christmas is in summer so we don’t get to wear anything warm! Ugly t-shirt party just doesn’t sound the same haha!
    Glad you got back to work to a reasonable inbox. I went back today – it was quiet and I got to catch up and can now enjoy a lovely weekend.
    Hope you have a fabulous one – weekends without plans are AWESOME.

  3. Welcome home!! Glad to hear you had safe travels, but yes—isn’t it so nice to be back in your own bed? Also omg that painting is really pretty!! And I’m so glad to hear you had a nice time with Nate’s family at the ugly Christmas party—what a fun pic! I worked the past two days and I was so busy. What the hell, lol.

    I love you and your handbag obsession. Please don’t ever change! You’re my bag obsessed buddy in crime 🤣

  4. I took down Christmas and got everything put away the weekend after Christmas and it was SO nice. I only have a few snowmen things up because it’s still the doldrums of winter. I feel myself going into my spring cleaning/purge all the things mode which is nice because I’m just sick of stuff being here.

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