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Oliver is Six!

And just like that my baby is six. SIX. Man alive. The saying is so true, the days are long but the years are short. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. It was a Tuesday, just like today. It was also cold and snowy like it has been the last few days. I was SO certain I’d go past my due date that when I woke up feeling somewhat uncomfortable that day I wrote it off as late pregnancy woes and went to work. But Mr. Oliver had other ideas and by the end of the day he was snuggled up with us Earth side and our lives have never been the same in the best way possible.

This last year was a pretty exciting one for Ollie. He finished Pre-K Montessori and started Kindergarten. I was SO worried about kindergarten too but he is absolutely thriving there. He worked super hard at swim lessons and was able to move up from Littles to Middle. He’s reading everything and anything you put in front of him. He’s writing too. He made his own version of one of his favorite books, Mercy Watson and it’s the cutest thing ever.

He loved our week up in Itasca as always even if he did get a little sick at the end of that trip, it was still a highlight this year. He’s become much more expressive and creative in his play. He’s getting more independent as well, if you give him the Nintendo Switch he’ll play on his own for hours. He also loves the Lego City Undercover game on the PS4. We had to implement some video game rules this last year a bit because he loves them so much! He still loves his cars and Legos. He and Taylor cat are still the best of friends. And he loves disc golf or playing games with us. I love how much he loves to spend time with Nate and I. I will not take that for granted!

He’s still stubborn as heck (gets that from at least a couple of people I know) and can be kind of bossy especially if you aren’t playing something the way he wants. We try to talk through those moments as much as we can. He still has some social anxiety issues at times, but we’ve seen some huge improvements in that area since he started school. He will interact with other kids much more easily now and is a lot more comfortable in situations with a lot of people around than he used to be. He has big feelings that do lead to pretty big outbursts at times, but those are coming much less frequently than they used to. He is still a picky eater but has made some improvements here as well, the three bite game has helped a lot with that. And we practice a lot of patience.

Overall though, he is just the coolest kid. He is kind and generous, he loves to give gifts. He is polite. Everyone at school seems to know who he is and are always telling us how much they adore him. He pretty much charms anyone he meets, the baristas at the coffee shop, the waitresses at our favorite restaurants, cashiers at the store. He just embraces everything he does with total joy and he inspires me daily to be a better person. I just love everything about being his mom.

I didn’t get a chance to do his annual birthday survey yet, because hot mess mom and life, but maybe I’ll share it later if I get around to asking him, because I always get a kick out of his answers.

Oliver, thanks for deciding a snowy Tuesday was a good day to be born. You make our family complete. You have turned me inside out and upside down in the best ways possible and I love you “round the whole wide universe.” Happy birthday Kiddo!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Ollie! I hope he had a wonderful day full of fun.
    These posts are so special – you can show him one day and he can enjoy reading what you’ve written over the years.

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