Birthday and Christmas Wishlist 2019

Happy Monday! This month is just flying by. I realized there is just one week until my birthday and then after that about a month until Christmas. I don’t know what is up with me this year but I am so Christmas giddy already. Anyway, today I’m sharing my birthday and Christmas wishlist. It’s funny though, I was telling my mom, the other day that the older I get the less I really truly want or need for my birthday or Christmas. We’re pretty much at the age where if we want something we buy it. Nate and I only exchange Christmas gifts and for birthdays treat ourselves to a nice night out. And I’ll fully admit I am an emotional shopper, when I’m stressed, point me to the thrift store. Long story short, I honestly just want a healthy and happy family and to be able to spend some nice time together. So cliche, right?  Anyway, I feel that it’s still OK to have a few things to wish for, so I did cobble together a little list of things I’d ask Santa or the Birthday Fairy for! Here they are.

Friends Lego Set – could this gift BE anymore fun? I think it’s really well done and it even has a Gunther! I might even be a nice mom and share this with Ollie. Maybe. He wouldn’t care all that much because there are no cars in this set, ha.

Clue The Office version – I have just learned that this game exists and it’s definitely something we need in our house. The object of the game is to figure out who killed Toby. I think this would be a fun twist on a classic game!


The Beautiful Ones – Prince – Is anyone surprised that this memoir is on my list? As a Minnesotan and a Prince fan this is a must read for me and is definitely a book I want a physical copy of.

Himalayan Salt Lamp – I have heard good things about these lamps that they are good for the winter blues, stress and anxiety. I thought it might be nice to have next to me in the basement in the winter just to warm my soul a little bit while I’m watching TV.

A book on Essential Oils – I’ve been mostly using Pinterest to find recipes for my essential oils but I am thinking a book might be a good idea at some point too.

An Erin Condren planner – This last year and a half I’ve been using The Happy Planner and I do like it, but I’m ready for something different. I have been ogling Erin Condren planners for a couple of years now so I think this might be the year I jump on one. We usually get birthday money from Nate’s grandmother so I think this might be where mine goes.

And similarly to last year I have two items that are like big time wishes that are not likely to happen but a girl can dream:

A fireplace – Nate and I have started talking about logistically if we could put a fireplace in somewhere in our house and gosh I’d love it to happen. Honestly we looked into it and it might not be as expensive as we thought, but there are a lot of things that need to fall into place before we can move in that direction.

A new tattoo – yeah I’ve been wanting this for a long time now and if I could stop spending my Poshmark earnings on more things from Poshmark I’d probably be able to get it, ha. For now it stays on my wishlist though.

So there you have it. Like I said, my wants and needs are few but it’s fun to dream just a little! What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year?

6 thoughts on “Birthday and Christmas Wishlist 2019

  1. That Friends lego set is adorable. I feel you on the fireplace too. We actually have a fireplace, but it is in need of serious repair and we haven’t been able to have the repairs because other stuff in our house keeps breaking… so it’s just down there torturing me. 🙂 I’ve used an Erin Condren planner before and I really liked it.

  2. I’ve never had an EC planner, but I do hear good things. That Friends LEGO set is definitely you! You need that in your life. I love Christmas and Birthday wish lists – they’re fun. 🙂


  3. OMGGGGGG! That friends LEGO set is everything! I bet that costs a fortune, no?
    I also looooooooove that tattoo. It’s so cute. 🙂
    I too, would love a fireplace. 😉


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