Coffee Chat 11.13.19

Happy Wednesday! It’s time once again for our monthly coffee chat! Let’s catch up on life! This month I think we’re sitting by the fire at Starbucks and I’m sipping a Christmas Blend coffee in a red cup and I don’t care that it’s only November, I am here for it. I ask you what’s new and tell you that it’s nice to have this little break in the midst of a crazy week. Not only do I have the early shift at work this week, but my friend’s wedding is Friday, so this week is just crazy town. After the wedding though, life slows down for the rest of November and I am so happy about that. I’m looking forward to a date night with my hubby to celebrate our birthdays later this month and I’m also excited that this year we get to celebrate Thanksgiving with both sides of our family for the first time in years and we’re not even jamming two meals in one day. We’ll do Thanksgiving day with my parents this year and we’re having a belated Thanksgiving with Nate’s family on the Saturday after. It’ll be a full weekend of eating but I’m OK with that. Just gotta ramp up my daily walks!

Speaking of my daily walks, it’s still going pretty good. My challenge has been these incredibly cold days and darker evenings. I have pretty much taken to using Ollie’s trampoline like an elliptical or treadmill and I do at least a mile on that each day and I’ll tell you, it’s a good workout! Jogging/walking on a trampoline is also really gentle on your knees which I’m finding as I get closer to 40 than not is probably a good thing! My goal with this has been just better overall health and well being, but I am proud to say that since I started this walking journey I am down five pounds. I realize that doesn’t sound like a lot, but my pants are definitely less snug so I’ll take it. I treated myself to an eyebrow wax as a little reward for hitting that mark and now my eyes look great for the wedding on Friday.

In other health and well being news, I’ve been experimenting with essential oils. Don’t roll your eyes at me, I promise I’m not becoming one of those people who thinks that oils cure every little ill. I’m using them to make my own perfumes and lotions. I’m also diffusing to make my house smell good. I might dabble in making some cleaners and soaps. Other than that I don’t believe that oils cure viruses or anything like that. Anyway, my favorite blended perfume I have made myself so far is one I’m calling “Fall Spectacular” and it has cinnamon, lavender and bergamot. It’s lovely. Sometimes Nate is sensitive to the more commercial smells and scents I’ve purchased from various places but so far seems to not be bothered by any of the things I’ve made myself, so I think I’ll keep experimenting!

And that’s kind of it for the news from here. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? How has your Fall been? As we get up to leave and agree to meet next month I tell you I can hardly believe that it will be December for our next coffee date. We’ll need a little break from the hustle and bustle of the season, so I’ll see you then!

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Chat 11.13.19

  1. Good for you! Walking is the best way to stay in shape, slow down aging, improve mental ability and balance our emotions. It’s nature’s remedy for everything. And research just showed that walking in the cold is extra-healthy.

  2. Glad to hear you’re keeping up with the walking (high five!) and that you’re experimenting with essential oils… I know some people go batshit crazy over them, but you know, whatever works…!

  3. I don’t usually get excited about the red cups at Starbucks, but I do occasionally go for a hot chocolate just to take an Instagram picture. Am I lame? Haha! How fun that you get to go to a wedding this weekend. I always love fall/winter weddings. Glad to hear things are slowing down for you in the second half of this month. I want to savor this season so much, so I’m intentionally turning down invites to things and not crowding my schedule. That’s awesome that you’re keeping up on your daily walks. It’s so hard to stay motivated to do them when it’s cold and dark out, but a trampoline workout sounds fun. Your fall spectacular blend sounds amazing. I might have to try to make some of that myself. Beth, I’m so glad you were able to join the coffee date this month. Hope to see you next time! <3

  4. I hope the wedding was fun! I am so impressed that you have been able to walk so much! I am pretty good at taking walking breaks at work when the weather is nice, but since it’s gotten cold I’ve done a whole lot of nothing. My goal is to take advantage of my work’s fitness center when I’m back in the office (I’m WFH right now because of construction).

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