November Goals and Mantras

New month means it’s time for new goals and mantras! I’m going to be completely honest; I have no idea how I managed to achieve any of my October goals. October turned into a bit of a shit show and there’s no two ways around it. Everything is fine, just a few little shake ups I had to adapt to a bit and that took most of my time and energy. But I somehow did still meet some of my goals, the ones I didn’t I have decided just weren’t important enough right now. Anyway, let’s look at how I did in October and then we’ll move on to November – and I’ve decided November is going to be a much better month as the dust is already settling and I’m back in a groove.

October Goals

Get basement put back together so you can set up art studio – NOPE. I probably could’ve used some of the stress reliving time of painting but the idea of getting everything all set up caused me more stress so I just said, no, not right now.

Sell five things on Poshmark – I’ll give this a half check. I didn’t put a lot of effort into Posh this month but I did manage to sell about three things, so I consider that pretty good all things considered.

Get Ollie’s Halloween costume together – Yes, thank the Lord, or well, thank the Nate seeing as he did most of it!

Visit the pumpkin patch – Yes! We tried a new to us patch this year and loved it. It was a highlight of the month.

Walk a total of 33 miles with the 99 Walks program – YES! No matter how blah I was feeling about things this last month I made sure I got at least a mile in every day. I can’t even begin to tell you how good I feel now that I’ve been doing some form of walking each day.

Get family pictures done for Christmas card – Yes! My amazing friend Erin met up with us about a week ago and we managed to get pictures before all the leaves disappeared. She already got the photos processed and sent to me and they are perfect. She does a great job, I’m super happy with them.

Try to get a handle on the toy area – Yeah that’d be a no. I’d like to get this done soon with birthday and Christmas coming up, so we shall see.

Get that darn kitchen organizer – hahaha no. I have decided it might be time to shelve this one until 2020. That’s ok.

I think I did pretty darn good all things considered! I may have been a bit too ambitious with the goals I chose this last month too, even without having a stressful month I might have planned a bit too much. For November I’m getting super simple and just going with a few easily achievable goals. It’s going to be a busy month with my friend’s wedding, Thanksgiving and a number of birthdays, so simple will be good.

November Goals

Plan a birthday outing for me and Nate

Get a turkey for Thanksgiving

Try to go through a few of Ollie’s toys and books

Start buying birthday presents for Nate’s dad, my dad and Ollie. (Nate and I don’t exchange birthday presents)

Get a Christmas tree and decorate

Take time for myself each day to recharge and re-balance.

And that’s it. I’m not going to force anything else. And I’m also going basic on my mantras for the month and choosing just one mantra to focus on.

I need to slow down and appreciate the moment I’m in and not worry so much about what happens next. That’s enough for now. And it’s going to be a great month.

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7 thoughts on “November Goals and Mantras

  1. All things considered, I think you did really well on your October goals. You can’t always check them all off – life likes to get in the way! I hope you have a nice November though, and I’m proud of you for all your walking. I really need to get out there and walk more and just find more ways to be active in general. I know it’ll make me feel better.


  2. That mantra is so on point. There really is no past or future, there only is NOW.

    Great job on your October goals and I love that you’re keeping November’s list simple… it’s going to be a busy month as is.

  3. Awesome goals and it sounds like you still did a lot! Often times we replace one goal with something else we end up doing that we had not originally planned. Poshmark takes time! I am actually going to start doing a youtube tip series if you are ever interested. Because I know how hard it can be! I have friends that list things and expect them to sell but posh is a very social app, you have to be constantly sharing and listing for things to sell. It’s hard to get started but once you do, it gets easier!

  4. We tend to get too busy this time of year. I like your idea of slowing down and enjoying the season, rather than get anxious and rushed. It’s okay to have goals but not if they make us miserable.

  5. I’m sorry October wasn’t your favourite month but I think you did well on your goals. Your Halloween outfits were so cool and how organized to have your Christmas card picture already sorted!
    That mantra is something we all need to remember.

  6. October was nuts for us too, I’m glad it’s November. I think you got a lot done though, and I think you have some great goals for this month. I love your “take time for yourself” goal–that is such a great one to have, especially this time of year when things start to get so busy.

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