Coffee Chat 10.9.19

Doesn’t it feel like we were just sitting down for September’s coffee chat? My gosh the time is flying by. Anyway, it’s a new month and we’re meeting for coffee! Today I think we’re sitting near a window because it’s sunny outside, but it’s a little too cool to sit outside, so we’re enjoying the sun from indoors. I’ve got a vanilla latte for a treat today. I figure I deserve a treat for all the hard work I’ve been doing to get exercise every day!

We make light chit chat about what’s new. I tell you that I feel like allergy/headcold season is never going to end at our house. We’ve all been coughing, sniffling and sneezing for over a week now. Both Ollie and Nate even ended up home for a day last week, but thankfully I haven’t had to do that. It isn’t the worst cold I’ve ever had, it’s just enough to be annoying which makes me think it may be more allergy related than anything else. The leaves are falling like crazy and a lot of stuff is getting stirred up outside. It’s going to get cold this weekend so maybe some of those spores will die. Until then, Sudafed and Claritin are my friends!

I’m trying to get my mind focused on Halloween. Ollie has a very simple costume request this year, he wants to be a ghost. I found a really cute costume idea where we’d make a tied fleece blanket with a cut out for his head and then he’d wear a hat and I’d paint his face white. I’m thinking this would be nice and warm too. On a walk the other night we met a neighbor a couple of blocks over who said they do a bonfire on Halloween night in their driveway and have some activities for kids, so we are hoping we can stop over there as we go trick or treating this year.

Can you believe they’re talking about the “S-n-o-w” word this weekend? Fortunately it sounds like Northern MN will be getting more of it than us. I am hoping the weather stays somewhat decent on Saturday. I’m throwing a bachelorette party for a friend and we are going to downtown Stillwater to do some wine tasting and have dinner, so I’m hoping the weather cooperates as we may be walking outside a bit.

That’s about all that is new in my world. I listen to you give me a run down of what’s new with you (please do so in the comments if you wish!) and then we part ways to go about our days, but not before a hug (or a fist bump Carissa, ha!) and agree to meet again next month!

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6 thoughts on “Coffee Chat 10.9.19

  1. I will not let that “S” word ruin my Saturday! Nothing, not even snow can slow down zombies. I can’t wait to show you my final look, I really went all out this year! Next time let’s meet up for a beer!

    Fist bump! 👊🏻

  2. The last month has flown by! I have committed myself to take the rest of the year slow, so I’m digging in my heels and not rushing anything. I find that staying present in this moment is helping with that. It also keeps my spirits up. Oh, I’m sorry to hear you all have been under the weather. It is beginning to seem that this season is harder for some than spring is. I hope you all are in good shape and feeling well soon. I love making Halloween costumes. Because there are so many in my family, we used to make our costumes rather than buying them, and it’s always fun to get creative with what you can find around the house! I’m sure Ollie will be the cutest ghost in town. How fun that your neighbor is doing a little get-together. I love a good bonfire. We haven’t heard the S-word here yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we had some before November is over. I think it’s going to be a season of lots of precipitation. I love it, but I’m sure you guys are sick of it by the new year, so feel free to blow it down my way! It sounds like it’s going to be a perfect weekend for a bachelorette party. Confession: I canceled mine last minute because the person who was organizing it invited tons of people I didn’t know and was planning a really rowdy party. Instead, I enjoyed a bubble bath, some movies, and a glass of wine. No regrets! Beth, I’m so glad you were able to join the coffee date this month. Hope to see you again next time! <3

  3. My daughter showed me some forecast she saw that was like 6-10 inches of snow this weekend? Absolutely not, that is not OK. I’m fully over all of winter and it hasn’t even started. So OBVIOUSLY we aren’t doing Boo at the Zoo this weekend, I’m not trying to walk around in that. NOPE.

  4. Oh wow snow already. I might be a tiny bit jealous. However its quite annoying to be sick already as the season just starts. Wishing you all to get well soon. And have a wonderful evening with the girls.
    Happy weekend

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