What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 10.4.19

Friday! You came back! It was a bit of a week at times. Ollie had his first sick day and missed picture day at school. Nate also ended up home sick one day also. It’s cold season, woo hoo! So far I’ve been lucky with just a mild cough and stuffy nose, I’m hoping it doesn’t get any worse. Thankfully it is the weekend though so I guess if it does, I’ll just lay low! The boys are both on the mend at least, so that helps. And there were still good things about the week so as I always do, I’m here with my girls Charlotte and Lindsay to celebrate those good things in our What’s Up Weekend link up. It’s time to share the things we’re grateful for or made us happy this week! Here’s my list for today!

Sweater weather! Even if it has been cold in my office, I love this weather!

Having a blast at Ollie’s Color Run last Friday.

Getting the new iPhone 11.

Listening to the “Oldies” station at work and realizing I love it because they are playing the music of my youth. It might mean I’m old, but I’m embracing it, ha!

Oliver making his own meal list of what he wants next week when he was a little disappointed in our dinner the other night. Kid cracks me up.

Watching The Great British Bake Off again. We have needed some mindless fluff this week and I can’t think of anything better.

A super delicious date night meal made by Nate on Monday. He made lamb shank and couscous and some delicious vegetables. So much yum.

My warm fuzzy unicorn blanket on these chilly nights.

Hot apple cider. Need I say more?

We had a great conference with Ollie’s teacher last night. She said he’s doing great and that he is so kind and helpful to the class. That made me smile, good grades are important, but at the end of the day I think it also matters that you’re a good person. And so far, we’re doing good in that area.

And now we’re on to the weekend! It should be a nice quiet one for the most part. We have no major plans and I think that’s just what our household needs with all these colds we’re suffering! It’s going to be raining tomorrow so I think maybe we need to have a movie day. We were talking about the movies Ollie has never seen, so no time like the present, right? Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Feel free to link up with the ladies and I below and check out the other posts as well!

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3 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 10.4.19

  1. Ollie looks like he had a great time at the colour run! Enjoy your new phone – you are so lucky! I need to replace mine sometime because it is super old and slow and acting up but I keep putting if off.

    Nate’s lamb shank and cous cous looks SO good. Perfect for your dinner date.

    I love watching mindless fluff as well. Househunters International is one of my favourites haha ūüôā

    Hope you all feel better soon and have a great weekend.

  2. Aww what a wonderful thing to hear from Ollie’s teacher! You’re clearly doing a great job mama. Poor boys though, I hope they get better soon–and that you stay healthy! Your date night meal looks delicious too!!

  3. I have such an old iphone – I don’t need the newest one, but I need to upgrade soon. LOL I’m glad Ollie had fun at the color run (yes, it rhymed). I love his meal list. That kid is too funny – I love it. And yay for positive remarks from his teacher. I hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend and everyone is feeling better.


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