October Goals and Mantras

It’s a new month! Where the heck did September go? I seem to say that every month about the previous month though. Time most certainly is not slowing down by any stretch. We just keep marching on! Today I’m looking back at my September Goals and how I did and then setting new goals for October and the mantras that are going to help me get there. September didn’t go super great. I kept joking it was Hot Mess September. I just couldn’t keep on top of things to save my life other than the important stuff for Ollie and school. Take a look at how I did.

September Goals

~Get that storage unit for the kitchen – Big fat nope. Didn’t even try looking for one. This is not a lost cause though. I really want to make this happen.

~Go through Ollie’s toys again, organize and donate stuff – Kind of. We got a couple of new bins for some of his stuff over the weekend and that play mat for his Legos has helped, but seriously the kid has way too much stuff. I need a day to just go through it all.

~Get my art studio set up in the basement office. Nope! We ended up moving a bunch of stuff into the office when we were moving some couches around and it has prevented me from really even having access to the room. Sigh.

~Paint one picture. See above. So, nope.

~Visit the apple orchard. YES! We managed to go to two different orchards in fact!

~Make an apple pie. YES! And I made an apple crisp too.

~Go to an Oktoberfest celebration somewhere in town. We went to a really small scale one at one of our favorite breweries.

~Sell two items on Poshmark. I exceeded this goal! I sold SEVEN things. I’m super happy about that. I need to work on getting some more stuff listed now!

I hit half of my goals, so it could easily be worse. I think I may have bit off more than I could chew with my goals last month. I’m going to try to get my act together more in October. If September was Hot Mess September, October is going to be Organized October! I’m getting stuff done. Here are my new goals.

October Goals

~Get basement put back together so you can set up art studio

~Sell five things on Poshmark

~Get Ollie’s Halloween costume together

~Visit the pumpkin patch

~Walk a total of 33 miles with the 99 Walks program

~Get family pictures done for Christmas card

~Try to get a handle on the toy area

~Get that darn kitchen organizer

A mix of work and fun as usual. I’m going to keep putting that darn kitchen thing on this list until I get my butt to Ikea to buy something. You might be curious about what “walk 33 miles with the 99 walks” program is about. I’ll elaborate more in a future post, but I’m getting my booty back in shape. My mantras this month are all going to be about motivation. I WILL get these things done! I can do it!

Let’s rock this month! We got this! It’s one of the best months of the year in my opinion. As Anne Shirley said, I’m glad I live in a world with Octobers!

9 thoughts on “October Goals and Mantras

  1. Organized October—I love it!! And thank goodness for a blank slate and a chance to start over. Despite not meeting all of your September goals, I think the ones you did were pretty great ❤️ I’d love to make some apple pie, too!! Omg did you catch the SNL skit over the weekend about apple picking?! It’s pretty hilarious and spot-on 🤣

  2. Family pictures! That reminds me I need to get on those as well, goodness! We haven’t done those since I was pregnant with Violet, eek. September can be such a crazy month, so I think you did well–and at least the things you did sound like they were really fun things, like the apple orchard visit!

  3. It’s not bad with 50% done. I’m wondering what kind of artist are you since you mentioned about art studio?

    1. I enjoy painting. I do mostly acrylics. I’m not a professional or anything, it’s mostly a hobby, but I find it very relaxing and enjoy it 🙂

  4. I’m sorry to hear that September wasn’t the best month, but you still managed to get a lot done. Ahhh, I need to get my butt on Poshmark! I have so many things I could put on there. Hope you have a great October and good luck with your goals! <3

  5. I got ALL FOUR costumes done for the kid. I bought them, I had them shipped here, I am done. It’s amazing. I had a dream last night that we have to finish the interior of the front porch this fall and I’m over here thinking if my dream says we have to… surely there is a reason, right??? So I’m going to price out the stuff for the walls and subtly convince Matt we need to do this. He’ll be thrilled, I’m sure.

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