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What I Wore in September

We’re closing in on the end of the month already – which is crazy! As I always do on the last Wednesday of the month, today I’m sharing my favorite looks from the last few weeks. It gives me a chance to expand a bit on what I share on Instagram. Here are my favorite looks from September!

Shirt, skirt and kimono – Lularoe, Shoes – from sister-in-law, Earrings – Scarlet Jade

This is a rare non-thrifted look. All items were sourced through my friend’s LLR shop which is one of my only exceptions on my secondhand shopping. This look came together somewhat by accident, mostly the items ended up near each other in the closet and I said, wow, that makes a great outfit! It worked well on a slightly warm day outside.

Dress – Macy’s (from cousin), Sweater – Mossimo (rummage sale), Shoes – Toms (rummage sale), Necklace – Boutique in Park Rapids, MN

I love the versatility of this dress from my cousin. I know I’ll be able to keep wearing it into the winter. For this go round I added a fun sweater I picked up at a huge rummage sale and these awesome sparkly Toms shoes I bought at the same sale. Super comfy look and classy and snazzy all at the same time.

Shirt – Old Navy (via ThredUp), Pants – New York and Co (via Goodwill), Shoes – have had for so long I don’t remember anymore, Earrings – Eleven10 Designs

I stole this look from a gal on Instagram when I was doing the color challenge last month. I saw her pair this exact blouse with a pair of black joggers and I just had to try it. I absolutely love how it turned out. Gives the blouse a whole new look.

Shirt – Ann Taylor (From cousin), Skirt – Old Navy (via Savers), Shoes – thrifted via Arc’s Value Village, Necklace – Stella and Dot, Earrings – Eleven10 Designs

Sometimes the best looks are the most simple ones. I wear a lot of color, but every now and then a neutral look is good too. I couldn’t decide what to wear with this fun skirt I thrifted on 50% off day, so I said ok fine, how about a black t-shirt. Done. Sassy and classy. I felt very fierce in this outfit!

Dress – from swap, Jacket – vintage via Rewind, Scarf – Target, Shoes – Target

This one is from yesterday and it’s the most Fall look ever. I love this dress I got in my clothing swap. I thought it looked great with this adorable jacket I bought this summer at Rewind. I basically said just hand me a pumpkin spice latte and I’m the poster girl for Fall!

I am loving that we’re starting to get cooler weather and that I can play with layers again. I’ve even had my boots out once already, I just wasn’t able to get a photo that day because I had to drop my car off in the morning for some work. I think you’ll see them in lots of looks in October though! Bring it on!

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7 thoughts on “What I Wore in September

  1. Ooh I love that black striped skirt look with those gorgeous flats! I agree that color is fun but that look is perfection! I also love that pretty yellow blouse, what a great find. And those sparkly Toms! I used to have a pair just like that until I wore holes in the toes!

  2. That last outfit is so cute. Love the skirt with the little bows and the black joggers too. I love Fall weather, but it’s still quite hot here. It needs to get with it, so I can wear layers!


  3. I wish I was more adventurous with prints. I’m struggling hard with sizing right now and then finding things that I like. I also struggle between staying warm with the option of cooling down, something I can take a nap in, but also look like I have my shit together when I leave the house. So… I’m kind of a mess.

  4. Omg I love the skirt with the bows! So cute!! And I agree with our friend shybiker, your style is uniquely you and I love it so much. Also yellow top with black joggers is ūüĎĆ

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