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Thrifty Tuesday – The Mother of All Clothing Swaps

I belong to a Facebook group called Thrift Babes. We share things we’ve thrifted, tips and tricks, resell information and stuff along those lines. Recently the group organizer asked if anyone would want to do a clothing swap. I love swaps so I immediately signed up. She ended up pairing us up with someone who was close in size to ourselves, gave us the contact info for our partner and let us loose to work with that person on how and what we wanted to swap. I was matched with a lovely woman named Laura who lives in New York and happens to run her own consignment and resale shop – hello life goals! We had a great time chatting back and forth about what we like and what not and then sent each other our items towards the end of last week. My box arrived yesterday. And all I have to say is this:

It’s Friends week, I can’t help myself. Seriously though, I opened the box and my jaw might have dropped. Laura sent so many amazing goodies and seems to really get my style. She also followed a great Fall color palette and most all of the items included can work together.

I tried everything on last night and took some pictures. Laura said she wouldn’t be offended if anything ends up being handed down to someone else or goes in my Poshmark shop for resale, but only one thing in the entire box is questionable. Everything else I think is going to work really well!

This Athleta dress is the only item I’m on the fence on. It’s like a sweatshirt dress. It’s super soft, like insanely soft. I want to just cuddle in it. However, I’m not sure I care for the look of it on me. But with leggings it might be kind of a decent look. I am going to hold on to it for now and we’ll see what I can do with it.

I am in love with this dress! It’s not a brand I’ve heard of before but that’s totally fine. It fits me perfectly and the color is Fall perfection. I know I can do a lot with this one!

This Fall floral J Crew button down is super pretty! When I looked at it in the box I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but it’s very lightweight material and I think it will layer pretty nicely. Heck, I can wear it loose over this dress if I really wanted!

This sweater knit shawl is SO pretty. I love having stuff like this in the winter especially because it is so dang cold at my office. This shawl matches this dress but it will go with a lot of other things too! It’s lovely.

I was skeptical about these paperbag pants by Rachel Roy. I’ve seen other folks wearing them around Instagram and blog world, in fact my buddy Shea from Shea Lennon just did a post on a pair of pants like these. I pulled them on with this gold shirt that Laura sent and it was an instant outfit. And these pants are super comfy. I am not sure if I’ll wear them much into the winter, but I also said that about my jogger pants and I ended up making those work, so you never know. At any rate I am excited to play with these a bit!

And finally, my jaw dropped again when I saw these shoes.

They look like fairly simple black pumps right? And they are. And oh by the way they’re from Barney’s New York. WHAT?? Just call me Rachel Green. Holy designer shoes Batman. Love them. They are amazing.

This was seriously the best swap I’ve ever done. I’m hoping Laura will like the things I sent her just as much as I love this stuff. I guess it’s not every day you get paired with someone who does resell for a living! If you live in New York, please go visit her store Archive Home for me (link to her Instagram) because seriously, she is amazing. Thank you Laura so much! And thanks to Sammy of Thrift Babes for organizing this amazing swap!

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