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Fall Bucket List 2019

I’ve made no secret of how Fall is my favorite season. I decided today would be a good day to share my Fall Bucket List. I didn’t make a list for summer this year, but I’m glad I didn’t since much of summer was a bit of a shit show and I don’t think we’d have done much of what would have been on one anyway! But, Fall is my season, so I’m going to make the most of every single second. Even if the weather is not cooperating at the moment. Here’s my list!

Go to Pine Tree Apple Orchard and get more apples

Have a bonfire and drink warm cider

Go to the Pumpkin Patch and pick pumpkins

Make a roast in the crockpot

Jump in the leaves with Ollie

Go Fall Disc Golfing

Make Halloween cut out cookies

Decorate for Halloween

Pick out and gather items for our Halloween costumes

Take family pictures for our Christmas card

Go to an Oktoberfest celebration

Go to the Farmer’s Market

Visit the MN Landscape Arboretum

Celebrate our birthdays and Thanksgiving

Take Ollie to a local Football game

Bake apple crisp

Celebrate my friend’s wedding

It’s a pretty big list, but I consider it Fall until Thanksgiving is over, so we have loads of time. As long as we don’t get any snow! We already did one item I’d normally put on a Fall bucket list, we visited the apple orchard and picked our own apples, but I added a trip back to a different orchard where you don’t pick your own because – we’re already out of apples! I’d like to make apple crisp or another pie and Nate was enjoying eating them for breakfast, so we’re going to need some more! I won’t be sad if we don’t do everything on my list, but it’s nice to have something to reference if we find ourselves bored and trying to find something to do, I can come back to this list!

One thing missing from the list this year is hosting our Oktoberfest. We took a break from brewing beer this summer and we’re also having some technical difficulties with the chilling function in our bar, so it just made sense to pull back again. I hope to return to both brewing and our annual event at some point, but our focus is just on some other areas right now and that’s ok. We’ll just go to an Oktoberfest in town instead!

Do you love Fall? What’s on your Fall bucket list?


8 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List 2019

  1. I love Fall so much! Your list looks like so much fun! I have a lot on my list also, I also have the same deadline as you though, end of Thanksgiving, so plenty of time.

  2. That’s so funny that you say about summer being a total shit show bc I feel the same way! It wasn’t a very enjoyable one here this year and I’ll have to look back on my bucket list but feel like I really sucked at it lol.

    Love love love your fall list and that you are going apple picking again bc you already finished the first batch ❤️ Here’s to a beautiful fall, filled with ciders and leaf peeping and cozy sweaters and bonfires! Xoxo

  3. I really want to go to an Oktoberfest. We have never been to one. Also farmers markets!! We love hitting up the stands on our way to apple picking and then random ones on our way to out of town hockey games. They’re so wonderful aren’t they? I can’t wait to see your pictures. Your family always takes such lovely pics! xoxo

  4. I’m sorry your summer wasn’t the best and I hope you have an awesome fall and winter ahead.
    You’ve got lots of fun planned on your list and hope you tick them all off and enjoy the new season.

  5. This summer wasn’t that great for me either, but Fall is my favorite so I’m excited. Lots of things already on my list to do. I shared my bucket list today – I don’t have TONS of things on it, but I’m sure I’ll get most of these and even some more. Love Fall. 🙂


  6. So many great fall activities. I just went to my first Oktoberfest of the season over the weekend! It was a little warm, but still fun. Lots of celebrations this season- enjoy!

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