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Thrifty Tuesday – That Thrifty Unicorn: The Channel

You guys. I’ve done something kind of crazy. I’m taking my thrift love to a whole new level. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone just a little and trying something new. Are you ready for this? I have started a YouTube Channel!

I have been enjoying watching different YouTube videos of thrifters sharing their latest purchases or their style tips and secrets. I started thinking about how much I love thrifting and even more than that, talking about thrifting. I also thought it might help with my recent push to sell more on Poshmark. Nate has recently been making some videos he wants to put on a channel about guitars (story for another day) and has even bought some equipment to make better videos with, so I decided, what the hell. Let’s go all in and give it a try.

I’ve only uploaded one video so far but I have another one in the wings waiting to go and several other ideas I’d like to film and get on the channel soon. This will not take the place of my blogging though! It’s just something in addition to my blog that I think will be a fun new creative outlet for me. I’ve got my first video at the bottom of this post. If you want to hear my crazy Minnesota accent and watch my talk with my hands a whole bunch, please check it out. If you subscribe to my channel on YouTube I’ll love you forever. Here goes a new adventure!

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