Coffee Chat 9.11.19

Welcome to our monthly coffee chat. This month I imagine we’re sitting down in front of a fireplace at our local spot because it’s a bit damp and chilly out there. I’m having a blonde roast with a little cinnamon sprinkled in it, my go to for cooler weather. I ask you what’s new and listen to the latest happenings in your world.

We both comment on today’s date and that we can hardly believe that 18 years ago today our world was forever changed. I ask you what you remember about 9/11 and then share my memories of that day, I was in the process of changing majors in college from music to communications. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders to make that change and I went to bed on 9/10 feeling so good and then 9/11 came and boom. I remember stumbling around my college campus trying to figure out my new schedule of courses and how we really didn’t even do much in any class besides talk about what happened that day. My campus was super close to one of our airports and I remember how eerie it was after the planes were grounded. We were used to hearing so many constant fly overs and it was so deadly still after the planes stopped flying. In my choir rehearsal we sang the song Dona Nobis Pacem which in Latin means, give us peace. Eventually things got back to a relative normal, but it was a far different world. We will never forget.

On a lighter note we talk about how Ollie is in his second week of kindergarten and that so far he is thriving. He loves his teacher, seems to get along well with the other kids and is enjoying all the different activities they do each day. I do think his favorite part of the day is getting to ride the bus home to my parents house, but overall he is really enjoying school and I’m just so happy and so proud of him. He has also started his Middle 1 level swim class. It will be more of a challenge for him than his previous class, but I think it’s going to be good for him. He gets to start trying out goggles, so that will be pretty neat.

I have some fun and exciting things in the works. I’ve been really enjoying having my Poshmark shop and I’ve been slowly making sales there which is super awesome. I have also decided I’m going to start making some videos about thrifting and put them either on YouTube or Instagram TV. It will take me a little bit to get set up, but I think it will be kind of a fun new way to share the secondhand love. I’ll be sure to share more details when I get everything all figured out. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile so I figured, why not take the plunge.

I look down and see my cup is pretty much empty and yours is also. We stand up and give each other a hug and agree to meet again in October, maybe for hot cider instead of coffee!

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7 thoughts on “Coffee Chat 9.11.19

  1. How exciting about the thrifting videos! I can’t wait to watch them!

    18 years ago, I was walking into my biology lab at U of M. They were wheeling in a TV so we could watch what was happening. Right before my lab was over, it was announced that they were shutting down the U of M (since it was a research school) they were worried that it might be attacked. I went to work and sat with my dad in his office.

  2. I can’t wait for fireplace weather here!
    It’s crazy to think it’s been 18 years since 9/11. I don’t think I will ever forget a moment from that day. I had a job interview and remember going after watching the planes crash and those towers fall. I got the job because I actually showed up for the interview. They said I must have been a dedicated person to show up for work when the world was literally burning down. I remember not knowing that I should do anything else. The shock of it hadn’t settled in and all I knew to do was show up. It’s interesting that you mention how quiet it was without the planes flying overhead. I distinctly remember that silence. Weird.
    I’m so glad that Ollie is enjoying school! And how fun that he gets to ride the bus.
    I would love to tune in for videos about thrifting. I struggle to find good things when I go, so I could always use some tips!
    Beth, I’m so glad you were able to join the coffee date this month. Hope to see you again next time! <3

  3. I arrived in California 2 days before 9/11… it was a strange time to be here as a foreigner, but I am glad I arrived before it happened, because many other students (who were in my exchange program) ended up not coming over at all.

  4. I still remember the day of 9/11 (and I’m not even American). I was in Grade 11 and I remember waking up to hear the news, and then everyone just a bit shocked at school. It’s crazy to think of how long ago it was,and how much the world has changed since then. And that’s so good to hear that Ollie is enjoying kindergarten! Lovely to have coffee with you this month, Beth!

  5. I can’t believe it’s been 18 years. I definitely remember where I was that day. I’m sure being near an airport that is suddenly silent would have been really unnerving. Never forget, I agree.

    I’m so glad Ollie is enjoying school overall, and that he’s moving up in swim class. I hope this new level goes well!!

    Yay for some exciting things in the work for you. That’s always good to hear.


  6. Such a good chat, and the coffee sounds delicious! I might have to try a sprinkle of cinnamon on top of mine once it cools down around here. I’m so glad to hear that Ollie is loving kindergarten! It makes it so nice when you know your kid is enjoying himself. Jona had a rough start last year but I’m thankful that he adores first grade. Thank goodness! Yay for the swimming too and all the fun things you’re working on. Happy almost fall! 🙂

  7. I flew out of the states a couple days before 9/11 through New York. It was really strange feeling…
    Also it was so surreal coming back from school to turn on the tv to watch a show and have tickers go through. It took a little time to understand what was going on but then we never left the tv…

    Sounds like your shop is starting to grow. Sounds wonderful. Wish you all the success there.
    Happy weekend

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