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State Fair 2019

I’m back! You might have noticed I didn’t have a post on Friday with my girls as usual. This is because I was at my local version of Disney World, The Minnesota State Fair! If you’ve been around here for awhile you know how much I love the State Fair and how much I look forward to it each year. Last year we managed to go two days but this year we only planned one, so we did our best to make the most of the day we were there. I thought I’d share a bit about our Fair day today.

We did a Park and Ride bus from a church not far from the Fairgrounds. My pro-tip on this one is to get there early. We got to the parking lot around 8:00, got a great spot and were on the bus within five minutes. Then we arrived at the Fairgrounds and were through the gates by 8:30. First thing we did was get Ollie a bag of mini donuts. And much like years past, he was not sharing with us for anything. So Nate and I split a French Crepe as we usually do.

After all those donuts Ollie was so thirsty, so we went in search of the all you can drink milk booth so he could have a glass. We wandered around the West End Market and ran into some friends and visited with them for a few minutes. While were over there we tried the only “new” food that we had over the course of the day, a Breakfast Buddy from Lulu’s Public House. It was a biscuits and gravy concoction over some hashbrowns and served up in a waffle bowl.  And we added a beer, because where else can you have a beer at 9:30 besides the State Fair?

Next we decided we wanted to head towards the front of the Fairgrounds to go through some of our favorite buildings like the 4H building and the Art building. The best way to get across the grounds without walking is taking the Skyride. This is pretty much the only ride Ollie likes but I’m ok with that because it’s my favorite ride at the Fair. It’s so fun seeing everything from up high!

We wandered through the various buildings but a certain five year old was getting bored, so we asked if there was an activity he wanted to do. We saw we were right by Little Farm Hands, so Ollie said “how about that?” He went through the whole thing like a pro this year, collecting all his items and planting his seed. At the end the kids get to “sell” their goods at the Farmers Market and buy something at the end like fruit snacks, an ice cream sandwich, or canned vegetables. My child chose a can of corn because of course he did. And guess who had to carry that in her bag?

We were all a little hungry again after Little Farm Hands so we got a turkey sandwich and some of the Sweet Martha’s Cookies. We took a nice break to sit down and eat those items. Then we wanted to go check out the Agriculture building so we could see all the giant vegetables that won awards. I grabbed myself a wine slushie on the way too because they are so good. We saw the prettiest floral arrangement that was designed as a tribute to Prince. We also saw the coolest crop art designed to look like Lizzo that was made my my neighbor! (I don’t have a picture of that though).

Ollie’s interest in the Fair was starting to wain quite a bit at this point, so we started to wrap things up, grabbed our cheese curds and watched just a little bit of the karaoke (it’s tradition) and bought a couple of shirts at the I Like You booth (pro-tip two, there is a coupon in the Blue Ribbon Bargain Book) before making our way to the gate and getting on the bus to head back to the parking lot and home. We made it about seven hours total at the Fair. We actually did do a lot of things I like to do. There are definitely some food items we didn’t get to try that I wish we had. Next year we’re planning to do two days like we did last year. We’re even talking about one of those days we might just leave Ollie with Grandma so we can have more of a date day or something. I really have no regrets about our time this year though. The weather was fantastic and even if we stuck with tried and true favorite Fair foods it was still enjoyable!

Now onward to wrap up the summer and move into Fall!

6 thoughts on “State Fair 2019

  1. What a fun adventure! I love fairs! I hear the TX State Fair is fun but we haven’t been. Yet, anyways 🙂 . Hope you are having a great week so far!!

  2. Hey girl,
    I know how much you love the state fall fair – I remember you writing all about it last year, too. I also remember just how much Ollie loves the mini donuts and doesn’t like to share. LOL.
    Looks like you had better weather this year, no? Or is it just me.
    I gather Ollie loves his corn? I do too, we’d be such great friends. Corn on the cob is just delish and I was so sad I couldn’t eat it for years when I was younger and had braces.

    Looks like yall had a great time, I wonder though if your days of bringing Oliver with you are coming to a close or if he’ll find a renewed interest next year. I guess time will only tell. 🙂


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