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Humpday Confessions 8.21.19

Hey y’all! It’s Hump Day! And that means it’s time for one of our favorite posts of the month – Humpday Confessions! It’s always good to keep it real right? Clear the ole conscious and repent for our sins? So let’s hop in that confessional and bare all.

I confess…

That I didn’t actually go shopping on National Thrift Store day. What?? Yep. I just didn’t end up having time. But I did list some stuff in my Poshmark closet to sell.

That I may have given Ollie my phone to play with for a half hour each day after we got home last week so I could take a quick rest. Those early mornings were killer.

That we realized when shifting some furniture around this week that we hadn’t cleaned under some couches in the basement in a very, very long time. It was disgusting, we’ll leave it at that.

That in related news I realized we hadn’t changed the filters in our vacuum in a very, very long time either and so I promptly ordered replacements and am amazed at how much better the vacuum works now.

That we haven’t had Ollie in to get a haircut all summer and he’s turning into the Shaggy Dog. We’ll get it done before school starts though!

That I’m actually ready for summer to be over and for Fall days to be here. I’m just not feeling summer this summer.

That we didn’t eat a single meal at home last weekend. Some weekends get busy.

That I don’t have my State Fair tickets yet. Today is the last day I can get them early for a discount so I need to get on that!!

That we’ve pretty much given Ollie permission to put ketchup on any food he wants to try. He had ketchup on his corn on the cob the other night. Whatever works man. At least he’s trying something!

That I love writing this post but I actually had trouble thinking of things today. I must not be living as much of a life of sin as I thought, ha!

And there we have it. Got anything you need to get off your chest? Hit me in the comments! I’ll just be over here saying my Our Fathers and Hail Mary’s!

6 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions 8.21.19

  1. My confession is that I don’t want to do anymore work for my company since they eliminated my position. These next 3 weeks are going to be brutal!

  2. It’s not like you gave Ollie a book of matches or knives to play with. You’re good.

    I confess that even though I gave up sugar and flour recently and feel awesome, I felt run down today and didn’t feel like having the same breakfast (scrambled egg and sausage burrito on a wheat tortilla) again, so I noshed on Eggo Waffles (NOT wheat!) with copious butter and regular syrup. #sorrynotsorry

  3. I’m sorry this summer wasn’t your favourite season. I know you were ill a while ago and I think being sick in summer is worse than in winter when you can lie under blankets or read for hours in bed. Maybe that is just me.
    Good for Ollie trying new things. I’m 36 and still like tomato sauce (our version of ketchup) to sometimes jazz up some vegetables.

  4. I really wanted to embrace summer this year (and I have, in some ways), but it’s been so hot that I definitely wouldn’t mind fall any time soon 🙂

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