Coffee Chat 8.14.19

It’s time for our monthly coffee chat! This month we are definitely sitting outside since we both agree that here in Minnesota we have to take advantage of the weather while we still can! I’m sipping my usual cold brew and also decide to grab a chocolate croissant as well. I ask you how you’ve been and if you’ve been having a good summer. Of course we do the Minnesota thing and talk about the weather for a good ten minutes. I talk a little bit about our beekeeping classes and how those have been going, how fascinating the bees are and that we got to harvest the honey this last time and at our next class we’ll see how it’s processed. I am still not 100% if we’ll start our own bee hive at home next year, but we’re giving it some serious thought and will probably make a decision this winter sometime.

I’d then say that I can’t believe the Minnesota State Fair starts next week. I don’t think we’ll be going as many days as we did last year, but I am still so excited for the Fair to be here. I think we’re going to go the first Friday as we often do. We will have some St. Louis relatives in town for the Fair so it will be nice to see them. I just can’t wait to eat all the things. It is a bit of a bummer though, this will be the first year Ollie doesn’t get in for free. Sad panda! It’s a good thing we can get our discounted tickets at Cub Foods ahead of time!

Speaking of Ollie, he’ll be starting school in just a little under three weeks. I think he is ready and even getting a little excited about it. As for me, it depends on the day but I’m not feeling super emotional right this second. I’m just so thankful he’ll be in a great place, there is something oddly comforting about the fact that he’ll be going to the same school Nate and I went to. Maybe it’s because I can visualize him there. Anyway, we need to get some school supply shopping done, though the list of what he needs is quite small. Also, it’s pretty awesome that we can turn in any school purchase receipts for a tax credit come tax time! Between that and not having to pay tuition to Montessori any longer we’ll be saving lots of money this year!

Saving money leads me to my next thing that I’m kind of excited about. I have decided to really up my efforts in selling things via Poshmark. I figure I love to thrift, I love to shop and it’s a hard habit to just quit. I try to live by the one in, one out rule and if something is still in good shape, why not make a little money on it? So, I have renamed my Poshmark Shop to…wait for it…Unicorn Thrift. How cute is that? I have also started another Instagram account (yep, it’s a sickness) where I’ll share my thrifted finds – both items I’ve found for myself or items I’m selling in my shop. My new username there is @thatthriftyunicorn. I’ll still share outfits on my main Instagram account, but I’m hoping this will help me kind of become a secondhand reseller. Even if I all I do is make a little extra cash here and there I figure it’s worth it. I’m passionate about secondhand and want to share that with others so this is one way I can do that! Here is a link to my Poshmark closet. And feel free to follow @thatthriftyunicorn on Instagram as well, I’d love it if you did!


My coffee is pretty much drained now and my croissant is gone. We stand up and give each other a hug and promise to meet back here again next month. I guess we’ll see if it’s warm enough to still be drinking iced coffee or if we’ll be moving to warmer drinks. It’s so hard to know with September. I’ll tell you one thing, no Pumpkin Spice for this girl though!

8 thoughts on “Coffee Chat 8.14.19

  1. I can’t believe it is fair time already and one of my kids starts school on the 26th!

    I also missed our blogger get together. Did they not do one this year?

    Also, my favorite season is coming! Yay for fall!

    1. I don’t think they did a blogger get together this year, so sad! I wish they would have!! But I’m super excited for Fall too. <3

  2. I bet the weather is lovely there. It’s still so humid here, so I’m excited about September, when things will start to feel more like fall. Chocolate croissant? Yes, please! That’s so cool that you’re taking beekeeping classes! Bees are amazing creatures and I’m always shocked at how our entire ecosystem depends on them. Confession. I’ve never been to our state fair because it’s six hours away, but our county fairs are always a lot of fun. I always have a funnel cake because that is my fair guilty pleasure. My nephew starts school this year and he is thrilled, but I got a good laugh at his supply list. Instead of the usual crayons and scissors, he was told to have a raincoat, rain boots and an umbrella. I guess they are planning on taking a lot of rainy day walks. 🙂 I would love to hear more of your thoughts on Poshmark because I’ve been thinking about selling a few items. Thanks for joining the coffee date this month, Beth. Hope to see you next time!

  3. I’m glad Ollie is starting to get excited for school. I’m sure he’ll do great, and that’s awesome it’s the school you and Nate went to. It is always nice to have a good picture of where someone is. I know you love the state fair so I hope you have a fantastic time! I went to the Ohio State Fair last month and had a great time, though with having to eat gluten-free, it’s a little tougher to find things. LOL


  4. Learning about beekeeping sounds so interesting! My son is only ten months so he won’t be starting school for a long time but I can imagine what a bittersweet moment it would be. That’s lovely that he can be at the same school you went to. I used to go second hand shopping a lot but haven’t for ages. Maybe it’s time to start again. Lovely to have coffee with you this month, Beth!

  5. I think it’s so cool that you guys are learning about bees! It would be great to be able to produce your own honey. We’re in Ireland this week and had chocolate dipped honey comb. It was fantastic! If you started a bee farm (not sure that’s what you call it), then you could make that at home!

  6. Having beekeeping classes sounds so interesting.
    I could not imaging being a professional reseller. It drives me crazy just trying to sell some things I need to get rid of. People are so rude these days. Please share your insights. Your store name is cute. Good luck with it.

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